The Challenge: Double Agents Power Rankings — Week 3

29) Joseph (Last Week: 28)

28) Josh (LW: 29)

27) Amber M. (LW: 27)

26) Amber B. (LW: 26)

25) Gabby (LW: 25)

24) Liv (LW: 24)

23) Mechie (LW: 22)

22) Lio (LW: 22)

21) Aneesa (LW: 17)

20) Scuba Nelly (LW: 20)

19) Devin (LW: 21)

18) Mature Nany (LW: 15)

17) Jay (LW: 14)

16) Nam (LW: 19)

Zach (Battle of the Seasons)

Check out Preston/Rajon Rondo sizing up his prey on the bottom left

Jordan (Rivals 2 — Battle of the Exes 2)

Tony (Bloodlines)

Cory (Rivals 3 — Dirty 30)

Kyle (Vendettas — Final Reckoning)

***REDACTED*** (War of the Worlds 1 — Total Madness)

Nam (Double Agents — ???)

15) Theresa (LW: 13)

T13) The Ori’s

12) Big T (LW: 18)

When Postmates says “Driver is on the way”

11) Leroy (LW: 10)

10) Kaycee (LW: 9)

  • First thing, you absolutely could not leave her in single coverage back then. While these aren’t the most fluid defensive backs I’ve ever seen, anytime there’s no safety help over the top she dusts her woman in one-on-one coverage. It happens without fail every single play on the tape.
  • Second, she dominates the middle. She works the soft spaces in the zone and isn’t afraid to take the backside hit. Kaycee’s got the whole route tree, and was an absolute asset to whatever team that was.
  • Last thing, I really appreciate how committed she is to throwing her hand up to say “I’m open”, regardless how many defenders are draped on her. That’s classic #1 Wide Receiver behavior and I’m here for it.

9) Nicole (LW: 7)

8) Darrell (LW: 8)

7) Fessy (LW: 4)

6) Kyle (LW: 16)

5) Wes (LW: 6)

4) Natalie (LW: 5)

3) Lolo (LW: 3)

Oh so you want me to pay for dinner?

2) Little T (LW: 2)

1) Kam (LW: 1)



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Brian Batty

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