The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 2 Preview

Brian Batty
4 min readDec 15, 2020

We’re back this week with another edition of What To Look For. This week I tackle last week’s cliffhanger, return of pyromania, and more…

What To Look For

  • To Be Continued

Last week’s cliffhanger was two-fold. Natalie’s decision on one end, and what to make of CT’s fate on the other. Natalie’s decision is fairly straight-forward. Her and Wes will stack wins, so the smart play would be to stay with him. On the other hand, being paired with a champ at this point is like riding the subway naked holding an overflowing bag full of cash. The target on his back will only get bigger, and she might be better off jumping ship.

That brings us to CT. He’s obviously not going home. One, because he would have just left with Ashley. Two, let’s be real with ourselves, because he’s been all over every trailer MTV has released.

So what becomes of him? Is he now (Han)solo? Does he sit and wait in the elimination pit for his next victim like the Rancor?

Do you guys think this is how Adam described CT to his therapist?

“In this game, anything can happen” — Tori or Cory probably.

I have a feeling whatever it is, it’s going to work out for CT really well. The problem with having the plan be “get rid of the strong players” is that the strong players win. A lot. There’s exceptions to every rule, but upsets don’t happen as often as you’d think on this show. The cracks in the grand plan are already beginning to show. Let’s see if things settle down, or if enough shots get fired where all of a sudden we’re left with a Big T/Jonathon vs. Mechie/Liv Final.

  • We Didn’t Start the Fire, It Was Always Burnin Since the Worlds Been Turnin

Last season Rogan flattened Jay in the classic elimination, ‘Balls In’. But it was just any old ‘Balls In’. It was ‘Balls In’ ON FIRE!!!

This is what TJ Lavin does as a job.

This season, they start out with the dangly sausage-link game, another classic, BUT ON FIRE!!!!

As I highlighted last week, the pyrotechnic gal/guy has been “killing it” (shout out TJ Lavin) the last few seasons. What else can they set on fire? I hope they don’t stop until we get CT vs. Darrell in a straight up Inferno Match.

Any Hall Brawl or Pole Wrestle we get moving forward that isn’t on fire will be considered a disappointment.

  • How To Win Friends and Influence People

Try and keep track of the different ways Fessy diplomatically speaks about his partnership with Aneesa. Last week‘s edition was “I love Aneesa to death, but a lot of these missions require endurance. And she doesn’t really excel in that department.”

Huh. No shit?

I’m obsessed with this pairing. I chuckle at the thought of Fessy spending the offseason pumping himself up into the star of his own action movie. Then add onto that winning the first Challenge?! He was already spending the money. Then the solemn realization that he’s saddled with Aneesa, and the juxtaposition of that is just…*chefs kiss*.

Maybe he’ll throw in the towel early, play the single card, and focus on racking up make out time at Klub K0ViD instead. Either way, he went from walking couch cushion lurking in the background of Total Madness to by far the most intriguing person in this game moving forward.

Enjoy Episode 2! Be sure to check back on Thursday where I’ll go over the Winners & Losers from Wednesday night’s action.



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