The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 14 Recap — Winners & Losers

Winner: All Of Us

Winner: Kyle

Winner: Darrell’s Sweater Game

Winner: Staying Out of Elimination

Winner: Big T, The Morning Person

Winner: Geologists

Loser: Under Armor

Loser: Cory’s Childhood Friend

Loser: Swimcaps

Loser: Production Design

Winner: The Challenge

Winner: The Rock

Winner: Leroy

Loser: Fessy

Winner: Affirmations

Winner: A Hook Up From 2016

Winner: Zen Cory

Winner: Darrell

Loser: Amber

Winner: Kam



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Brian Batty

Writing about MTV’s The Challenge, one of America’s great institutions, from a fan’s perspective. Inquires: -Twitter: @TJsAirhorn