The Challenge World Championship Episode 8 Recap — Winners & Losers

Brian Batty
13 min readApr 21, 2023


Welcome to a fresh batch of Winners & Losers for The Challenge World Championship Episode 8! Can you believe we’re already two thirds of the way through this season? Feels like just yesterday Nelson and Jujuy were still here. But here we are, almost to the end, almost finding out who the greatest Challenger in the entire world is! Or something like that. Inside this week: Kaycee searches for leftovers, we watch Titanic at the theater, is Rhode Island a country?, and much much more…

Winner: Flaunting It If You Gotting It

I can’t think of a more Jordan possible move than cutting on leg of his leggings (Leg of his Leggings sounds like a movie that’s going to be nominated for Best Picture next year that no one in my social circle will have ever heard of until people online tell us that it’s trash and shouldn’t have been nominated in the first place, but the woman playing the lead is incredible) at just the right length so you can see his sweet thigh tattoo that says ‘1966’ for some reason.

I knew a guy in high school that brought his football jersey to his tattoo appointment so that the guy could put his initials at just the right spot on his triceps so they showed up under his sleeves on game day.

That guy I knew? Peyton Manning.

Now that I’ve given it some thought, that is exactly the point on the graph where the parallels between Peyton Manning and Jordan both begin and end.

What about you? Anything similarities between that guy I went to high school with and Jordan from The Real World: Portland that you can think of?



Well thanks for nothing I guess. Fessy’s gonna be pissed when he finds out I couldn’t think of anything else.

Loser: Emphasis

That’s not it.

Winner: The Early Bird

Look at Kaycee back there, searching for a worm.

Nany’s girlfriend being the first to the kitchen upon returning home was not who I would have had on my personal bingo card. But for whatever reason, and maybe this is for my therapist to unpack at a later date, it definitely makes me like her more.

I do have a few questions though, and I’m beginning to realize that most of my questions if I were to ever talk to one of these people would revolve around the the food situation. Which, ya know, would be either endearing or completely derail the conversation.

Probably the second one. But I digress.

Q: Was Kaycee inspecting that warming pan for leftovers or for fresh food?

Q: Did she think there would be fresh food and was disappointed to find none? Or is it like just one of those times where you open the fridge and look at it because you’re bored on a lazy afternoon.

Q: If she was looking for leftovers, and they just returned from elimination, then that means that food has been sitting out for at least, what, five hours? Six hours? Either way, it’s not what you want.

My guess would be Kaycee was merely in need of something to do with her hands. I’m sure we can all relate. Who hasn’t been hungry after a long bus ride through South Africa after watching their co-workers erect a barrel puzzle competitively? Happens like twice a month.

Loser: Personal Space

Sleeping that close to a total stranger while also trying to beat them in a game for money must be borderline impossible. I can barely sleep in a bed with like a hundred pillows in a room that gets no natural sunlight.

I’m now realizing how sleep deprived most of these people are at any given time. It would explain plenty of behavior over the years.

Loser: Memories

This whole everybody’s sick thing just kinda hits different after, well, you know, all that stuff that happened. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, consider yourself lucky. Don’t Google it. You’re good right whereyou are. Exist within the cloud-like plane on which your lucky vapor and ignorant molecules reside.

Winner: Protecting And Serving, But Not Always In That Order

Oh I don’t know Sarah, have you tried arresting the illness?

Winner: Me At Eight Years Old After The ‘Draw Me Like A French Girl Scene’ Came On In The Theater When I Went And Saw Titanic With My Family

Loser: Me After My Dad Reached Over And Covered My Eyes When They Started Doin It In The Back Of That Old Ass Car

Loser: The Closed Caption Person Clearly Not Being A Reader Of My Articles

Totally forgot to shout out Nany.

Loser: Walking Hazards

What is happening next to Tristan’s bed? All that glass is just begging to get broken and stepped on. Also, Kellyanne, shoes on the bed?

This house is unhinged.

Winner: Perspective

So, like, no update? No last confessional from Ben filmed months after he got home? Does anyone know if he’s even alive still? Who’s got eyes on Ben? If you have any information regarding Ben’s whereabouts, tweet us @fessyfitness, pronto.

Loser: Words With No Meaning, Or, Complicated Air Flow

This is simply not true. I mean, I’m sure Kaycee isn’t actively rooting for Ben to die or whatever. But let’s all just be honest with ourselves, the minute Ben left the house was the minute Kaycee forgot Ben existed.

I can’t think of two more dissimilar people both paying taxes to the United States government.

Winner: Empathy?

Woke TJ strikes again.

If 2006 TJ Lavin could see hear 2023 TJ Lavin’s thoughts on quitting, he’d hit him in the face with a BMX bike.

Winner: TJ’s Kingly Powers

I do have some questions about the mechanics of this whole Amber switching places with Kaycee situation. Like, the camera cuts don’t show what TJ was doing immediately after Amber made her announcement. But the way he answered her made me think that it’s possible he just made the call himself. Does he have an earpiece in? Did the producers know this was going to happen?

This is why I want a episode from the opposite perspective. I’d love to have seen the scramble to make that decision. That would be so much more fascinating than anything else that happened in this episode.

Winner: The Luck Of The Draw

First off, Amber and Troy are going to be great parents. That’s gonna be one kind, patient household.

But that kid is either going to have incredible hair or some of the worst hair you’ve ever seen. There is no in between. For the kid’s sake, I hope they take after their mom.

Winner: The Funny Places Life Takes You

Merely a few weeks ago, these two people didn’t know each other. They were never going to know each other. Even in the most insane version of reality possible, their paths would never have crossed if not for this show. And now Troy, this total stranger from the opposite side of the world, is the first person to know about one of the biggest moments, if not the biggest, of Amber’s entire life.

Well, she did get to meet CT, so maybe this is the second biggest. But you know what I mean.

Isn’t life funny?

Loser: AI Chat Robots Posing As Human Beings

Lmao, Kaycee just has such a way with words, doesn’t she?

Loser: The Joke I’m About To Make

I guess it depends on which part of the airport you’re in.

I’ll see myself out.

Winner: TJ’s Drip

Okay Teej. I see you out here with the skinny jeans on. Team Tight Pants it is.

Winner: The Challenge Seamstress (Seamster?)

How did they get Kaycee an Australian uniform so quickly? I never saw Phantom Thread, so maybe it’s easier than it seems to be from this side of the TV.

Winner: Being Prepared

Boy, they sure gave TJ a lot of cards. Do they all have questions on them? How many did they anticipate them getting correctly?

Also, since we’re here, what do they do with the stacks of trivia cards from every season? Is there just a bin somewhere in some warehouse full of Challenge trivia questions? Now that’s a tour I’d love to take.

Winner: Whichever Continent That Doesn’t Get Snow

Wait, so, which continent is it? Am I just an idiot? It’s probably not Australia, otherwise Troy would have just guessed that. South America? Is that what the right answer is?

If only there were some sort of search engine I could use to easily access this information. Oh well, off to the library I guess. Brb.

Loser: Yes

What an important contribution, Yes. I’m sure you’re a delight at parties.

Loser: Insults From Outta Nowhere

What did you just call me?

Loser: Getting Caught In The Air Mid Sentence

You ever just start talking and then realize halfway through that you don’t have anything to say? Happens to me all the time.

Winner: Art

Hang this in the Louvre.

Winner: Just When You Thought Someone Couldn’t Be Any Cooler, They Go And Do Something Like This

Prior to watching this episode, I didn’t realize that the thing I wanted most in life is to watch Dumb and Dumber with Jordan.

Remember kids, it’s important to have goals. Aim high, and reach for the stars.

Loser: My Dumb Ass

Wanna know how big of an idiot I am?

When I was watching this I turned to my dog and said, “isn’t it Rhode Island?”

She didn’t say anything back. She just started licking my ankle. Which one of us is more intelligent? Hard to say.

Loser: Comfort Zones

I’d argue that no one in the history of this show has been more comfortable than Tori has in the last few seasons. She’s had friends, she’s had alliances, she’s had the path towards a Final laid out for her like a parent laying out their child’s clothes for the day.

Now, honestly, you gotta give her credit. I mean, what, you want her to make it more difficult on herself? That’s silly. If you can get through this game without really even having to play it, than more power to you.

Except for when situations like this spring up. Then, and you can see it all over Tori’s face during this deliberation, you almost become numb. You don’t know what to do. Tori hasn’t had a ton of reps in the “tough decision” department, and now that’s coming back to bite her in the ass.

There’s also the difference between playing a long game and being unconcerned with the long game bubbling to the surface as well. When Tori arrives on a season, she’s playing for more than just that season. Danny, though, does not give a fuck. Pardon my French. He’s playing for the here and now. This isn’t his life. This isn’t his career. This is a game that he’s happy to be playing for a ton of money.

But you know what? It’s working. Both sides of the coin. Tori and Danny have only been a vote one time this season. And it’s when they just did it to themselves now. They haven’t won, they haven’t lost, but the consternation surrounding their votes during any given deliberation has almost shielded them from potentially being a target.

Like any good magic trick, a big giant distraction while the real magic is happening somewhere else and by the time you even realize it, voila, a rabbit is in somebody’s hat.

Winner: Sarah


Do you know how Iowa got it’s name?

The people who were sent to go name all the states took one drive through Iowa and one guy turned to the other and said, “boy, this whole state is just chock full of idiots out wandering around.”

“Brilliant” the other replied.

“Why’s that?”

“Idiots Out Wandering Around. I-O-W-A. Iowa.”

“Perfect. Scratch that one off the list, what’s next?”

But now that Sarah has just made the best point of all time and told Tori exactly what anyone who is tired of her complaining about voting for a “friend” has always wanted to say to her, I’m starting to re-think that.

Maybe they aren’t all idiots out there.

Loser: Tori

It is.

I promise you, it is. Nothing bad is going to happen. Nothing. There is no way Tori’s life is going to be effected by speaking the name Kaycee out loud. Just say it? I don’t understand. What’s the worst that could happen?

Also, Tori and Kaycee have known each other for like three years. Does she not have other friends? Who was her friend before all this? Did she have friends? Are those friends sitting at home being like, ‘wtf?’

Loser: Proximity

Be careful Kaycee. The last person to stand this close to Troy is pregnant. Stay alert, stay alive, stay childless.

Winner: Out Kicking Your Coverage

Jodi and Benja probably should’ve been out a long time ago.

That’s just the facts. But they, along with Kellyanne and Tristan, decided that while standing on the beach watching the tidal wave come in, instead of just existing and letting the water crash into them and drown, to run and hide somewhere. To survive. To outlast.

They outlasted Wes. They outlasted Johnny. Hell, they even outlasted Nelson and Jujuy!

This is a funny game. There is no reason that any other pair should have ever nominated anyone besides Jodi/Benja and Kellyanne/Tristan. Except, if you stick around long enough, different agendas are bound to appear. And then you might find yourself slipping towards the end. Completely accidentally.

Winner Benja’s Weed Guy

My mans is bout to get a phone call and a fat wad of cash the minute Benja’s plane lands. Hope he’s stocked up.

Viva La David!

Thanks for reading! Hope you all enjoyed the holiday. Have a fantastic weekend and I’ll see you soon. And until then, as always, Happy Challenge Watching!!!



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