The Challenge: USA Trailer — Winners & Losers

Winner: Challenge Fans

Winner: Those Of You Who Watch CBS Reality TV Shows

Winner: Those Of Us Who Don’t Watch CBS Reality TV Shows

Loser: Hall Brawl Participants

Loser: Sweater Sleeves As Tissues

Loser: The Bad Guys From Top Gun

Loser: Hyperbole

Winner: Kendal’s Birthday Party

Winner: TJ Lavin, Graffiti Artist

Winner: Cool Names

Winner: Neck Pillows

Loser: Expectation Management

Loser: Expectation Management (Part 2)

Winner: Challenge Houses

Winner: Bartenders

Winner: Challenge Inception

Winner: Shrimp Tacos



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Brian Batty

Brian Batty

Writing about MTV’s The Challenge, one of America’s great institutions, from a fan’s perspective. Inquires: -Twitter: @TJsAirhorn