The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 6 Recap — Winners & Losers

Winner: Mumbling

Loser: The Other Kids Emy Went To School With

Winner: The Ghost of Amber M.

Winner: Amanda The Mom

Loser: Asaf, Chris, Bayleigh, and Jenn

Winner: Josh

Winner: The Cell Phone I Had At Seventeen

Winner: Josh’s Ass

Winner: Travis Thompson

Winner: Big T’s Kimono

Loser: Tori’s Read on Kaycee

Winner: The Movie 101 Dalmatians

Winner: Big T’s Pink Robe

Winner: Emy

Loser: Fessy Doing Karaoke

Winner: The Color Gray

Winner: Late Night Food Politics

Loser: Berna

Winner: The Color White

Winner: Sandra Bullock, Michael Lewis, and David Fizdale

Loser: Ether’s Form

Loser: Kyle & Emanuel

Loser: Fessy’s Security Team

Loser: Josh’s Approach



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