The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 11 Recap — Winners & Losers

Loser: Narratives

  • Cory’s been to twelve Finals in the last eighteen months. I’d say that’s pretty good.
  • Kyle’s been to almost as many Finals in the last eighteen months, and just barely missed last time around. Between the two of them, that’s a pretty accomplished top two.
  • Emy’s already won a few times and has proven herself to be decent at these games they play. Definitely an asset in a team setting as she’ll listen to the adults in the room when necessary.
  • Logan’s got a bum hamstring or something. And while this may be a detrimental injury to your top fantasy football wide receiver, it’s not a total death sentence on The Challenge. Plus didn’t he win his season of Survivor and aren’t the foreign ones like eight months long? Idk, doesn’t seem that weak to me. Plus between him, Cory, and Kyle there’s a lot a lot a lot (no really, a lot) of Hot Guy energy happening on that team. If this was 2015 most of the women in the house would stand no chance.
  • Which brings us to Big T. The obvious turd in the athletic punch bowl. By this point in the game, with most of the behind the scenes political maneuvering being essentially neutered, Big T’s become Big Superfluous. I really don’t see her lasting long if her team has any say, but it would behoove the rest of the house to keep her around for obvious (and mean) unsaid reasons. She’s fully aware of that though, and intends to ride the lay-up card as hard and as long as she can. Sort of like she did with Logan.

Winner: Nany, Being Pensive

Winner: The Mid-Day Sun

Winner: Panhandling

Loser: Anyone Who Wanted To Play Chess That Day

Winner: Ed’s Mom

Loser: Big T’s Gambling Habit

Winner: Babies From Other Countries

Loser: Every Other Word That Denotes Emphasis

Winner: Mucus Plugs

Winner: Bettina, Cleveland Guardians Season Ticket Holder

Loser: CT the Bullshitter

Loser: Under Armor

Winner: Nelson

Winner: Cory/Tony Montana

Loser: Immediate Regret

Winner: Gabo

Loser: Burger King

Loser: Pantry Space

Loser: Mumbling

Loser: Logan’s Bath Towel, Simply Being In The Way

Loser: Devin

Loser: Lizzie McGuire’s Friend Miranda’s Shoes

Loser: Toxic Masculinity

Winner: Kyle

Winner: Agent Ed

Loser: Devin the Orator



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