The Challenge Double Agents Power Rankings — Week 15

Brian Batty
6 min readMar 21, 2021

Welcome back to another edition of Power Rankings! Last week we sent a Legend home, and now that almost all the Gold Skulls are set, the gang has started jockeying for position. Inside this week: Big T gives her ex a second chance, I dish out a completely uninteresting Nany fun fact, and a Queen regains her crown…

20) Mechie (Eliminated)

19) Theresa (E)

18) Amber M. (E)

17) Lolo (E)

16) Josh (E)

15) Devin (E)

14) Nam (E)

13) Gabby (E)

12) Darrell (LW: 6)

I still think that deep down inside, that when Darrell lays his head down on his pillow at night, in his most honest moment, the thing that happened this season he is most upset about, by far, is Natalie choosing Wes over him during the initial partner scramble.

Look at his face! I just know that moment was sandpaper to his soul.

11) Big T (LW: 12)

Getting back together with an ex is always a risky proposition. There will be a honeymoon phase, but if Big T’s smart she’ll have her guard up. She and Cory clearly came to an understanding that he was going to choose another partner should he win an elimination. Which, you know, is how you should handle it (Chris?)

But I will say one thing, Big T was almost certainly the pre-season favorite to be the last person standing on the outside of a Final.

10) Amber (LW: 9)

No more Ambers, no more partners. Three weeks ago I quoted Hans Gruber, and last week I caught her spilling her soul to a server at a diner.

This week? I kinda just feel bad. Having a partner like Darrell on your rookie season is probably the most comforting possible way you can spend it. And now losing him so late in the game, even though being the Rogue Agent actually a great thing for her game, has to really shake your foundation.

9) Kyle (LW: 8)

Of anyone who’s made their debut after The Challenge expanded beyond MTV’s home base, Kyle is easily my favorite. He just gets it. Sure his jokes can be a bit forced at times, but I’d chalk that one up to him being aware he’s filming a TV show.

The fact that he’s the only one of the initial wave of Brits who gets invited back (due to their own fuck-ups or not) consistently says a lot to me.

I was having a conversation with the cat who runs the YouTube page RookieRevolution (seriously, check out his Challenge videos. They’re a ton of fun and you learn quite a bit) and he was telling me that Kyle gets a lot of hate on social media and he likes Kyle despite all of that. I thought he was yankin’ my chain at first because who doesn’t like Kyle?

I’m completely off that nonsense, so I’ll have to take his word for it, but I was flabbergasted. To dislike Kyle on this show is to fundamentally misunderstand what you’re watching or the goals the producers have set out to accomplish.

Or maybe I’m just way off base, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time. Either way, he’s capitol F Fucked once it comes down to the needy greedy. He and Aneesa did win last week’s daily challenge but I mean…still…speaking of…

8) Aneesa (LW: 10)

December 19th, 2005

That was the year Aneesa won her first daily challenge. In the fiteenish years since then, I would have to grow extra fingers and toes to calculate how many she’s participated in.

The idea that she can still get emotional about winning one is wild. This game must really just dig into you.

7) Cory (LW: 11)

While we aren’t in quite as celebratory of a mood as we were last week, Cory earning his Golden Ticket to TJ Wonka’s Final Wonderland is still an exciting moment for long time fans.

6) Mature Nany (LW: 7)

The Devil that you know and the Devil that you don’t.

Somebody told me that once about switching jobs and I never forgot it. It’s a lesson I wish somebody would have told Nany once upon a time. It was even spoken to me at at a bar in the same Chicago neighborhood, the West Loop, that Nany worked as an aesthetician for a little while. How’s that for information you didn’t want?

Kyle, wasn’t perfect, but at least Nany knew him. She knew how he operated from a game standpoint, so there was a base level of comfort. Fessy, on the other hand, is the devil that Nany didn’t know. And now she’s regretting the move. Speaking of…

5) Fessy (LW: 5)

I swear to fucking God, Fessy, if you fuck this up for Nany, I’ll never forgive you. You will reside on my Dunzo List in perpetuity.

You hear that, Faysal? You have precious cargo. Speaking of…

4) Kaycee (LW: 4)

If it is a partner Final, and they dance with who they came with, then I have to somehow brace myself for the possibility of actively rooting for Fessy and Kaycee to win. They’re attached to my emotional number ones, Nany and Leroy. There’s a possibility that a Fessy win will be the happiest I’ve ever been at the end of one of these.

This has been a wacky season.

3) Leroy (LW: 3)

You know what the best part about the new Challenge: All Stars show/spin-off/little bit of column A, little bit of column B?

If Leroy gets the itch to come back, but ultimately doesn’t want to commit to a full thing, this second show can be the perfect landing spot for people like him. This is why it has to succeed. Everyone go subscribe to Paramount+ and do the most expensive one.

This just cannot be the last I see Leroy in my life. I won’t accept that. As a society, we shouldn’t accept that.

Imagine if Beyonce just accepted being in Destiny’s Child? What would the world look like then? You have to take a stand people.

2) CT (LW: 1)

His grasp on power is tenuous at best, but he’s still the Big Bad Wolf and the remaining guys should be doing everything they possibly can to manipulate a CT vs. Fessy elimination as soon as they can.

1) Kam (LW: 2)

Thank you Kam. Thank you for being the lighthouse guiding my friend Leroy’s ship to safety.

Kam’s not only running the women’s side of the house, but as this episode shows, she’s been the missing ingredient to Leroy’s success this whole time.

So again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping my friend.



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