The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 4 Recap — Winners & Losers

Brian Batty
5 min readJan 7, 2021

Welcome back to Winners & Losers! After a jam packed episode 4, there’s plenty to unpack. This week CT gains a follower, The Challenge Gods whiff big time, we take a closer look at Nany’s accessory choices, TJ can’t help himself and much more…

Winner: Egg Quesadillas

Looks like CT got somebody else on board! Let’s be sure to keep track of how many more converts CT gets to the Egg Quesadilla Cult moving forward.

Winner: Big T’s Kimono

Tragedy can define a person or simply be an earmarked page on the story of their life. Shout out to Big T for overcoming a more adversity filled life than I’ve ever come close to approaching.

But for real, the drip on this woman…

When you’re in a room full of funny people, you naturally get funnier. It’s a primal survival instinct. I believe Big T’s overall style has forced the rest of the house to step up their game after last season’s sweat-pant abomination.

Loser: Making Assumptions

One of my pet sayings in life is, “You know what happens when people assume? They’re usually right.”

Well this time, they mostly made as ass out of you and me. I’m not sure why The Challenge God’s worked from the position that most of the cast would be able to operate a drone. I could text ten friends right now and I can’t say for sure that even half would answer that they’ve ever even seen a drone being used.

In what was otherwise an episode jam-packed with intrigue, this daily challenge just did not work at all. One team completed it. One. Not one team did it well. Literally only one team finished. Speaking of that team…

Loser (Still): Tori’s Authenticity

omg did u guys see Devin and Tori dont like each other!?!! lolz that there partners now

Loser: Any Chance Lolo May Have Had With Nam

“stopstopstop, leftleft, no rightrightstopstopstop, namstopstopstopnamnamstop, YES THANK YOU nowstraightstraightstraight”

Winner: My Empathy for Josh

Look, Josh isn’t my favorite. In fact, I genuinely do think his general energy is an anchor weighing the show down. He does however strike me as someone who is incredibly online. And therefore entirely aware of the snarky things people like me say about him.

Can’t be fun.

Now, he for sure signed up for it, but it’s becoming pretty clear that was not in a great place mentally while they were filming. He’s been sad-drunk two out of four episodes now. Picking nonsense fights with people he had previous relationships with like Jay and CT seemingly just to feel something.

Add in his reputation proceeding him as the lowest hanging fruit for all the shit stirrers, you get quite the cocktail. Effects of said cocktail include but are not specific to: paranoia and delusions of grandeur.

It’s zero fun to pick on someone who is so clearly already picking on themselves.

Loser: Nany’s Glasses

2003 called, they can’t see anything.

Winner: The Pyro Person’s Significant Other

I didn’t see one God damn explosion all God damn episode. Looks like they were finally home for dinner.

Loser: Fessy’s Critics

Call me stupid, but I don’t really see any issues with what Fessy did? He rolled around in the mud and came out the other side smelling like lavender. He nabbed his skull, a legitimate physical threat in Nelson is out of the game, and he went from Barefoot Pinot Grigio to a 2015 Bordeaux as far as partners go.

What’s the problem?

Oh no, people don’t trust him. So that means, what? Somebody might vote him into elimination? Which of these incredibly physical eliminations we’ve seen so far would he ever lose at if that mistrust started snapping at his ankles?

I’ll wait.

I’ve been as critical as anyone about how Fessy’s handled Second Season Syndrome, but tonight he played his cards like Mike McDermott sitting on three stacks of high society. And now with sixty percent of the Male Skulls accounted for, he’s as good of a bet as any to win TJ’s Final.

Winner: TJ Lavin

For the most part, TJ lays out when it comes to his personal views. Unless you’re a blatant quitter, he lets glares and eye rolls do the talking for him. But he just cannot help taking shots at Fessy. It’s genuinely my favorite TJ Lavin subplot since one season he suddenly stopped using the phrase “you killed it”.

This week he was sure to add in the detail that Fessy beat “his friend Nelson”. I’ve pointed this out before, but TJ just straight is not chill with Fessy.

Thanks for reading! In case you missed it, my brand new series A Moment In Challenge History debuted last week. This weekend be sure to be on the look out for Volume 2 of that series as well as my Power Rankings which come out every Sunday. Happy Challenge watching!



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