The Challenge All Stars 4 Episode 7 Recap — Winners & Losers

Brian Batty
28 min readMay 16, 2024


Welcome back to another fresh batch of Winners and Losers for The Challenge All Stars 4 Episode 7! Can you believe we’re already seven weeks into this thing? I never want it to end. I’ll be looking like Ace in that photo above the minute it leaves my life. But that’s then, and this is now. So let’s dive right in. Inside this week: Ryan and Adam reconnect after getting zero closure, for the first time in this recap’s history I make reference to the film Billy Madison, Brad expresses his desire to move to the Southside Hamptons, and much much more…

Winner: All Stars 4

“Fancy meeting you here.”

“Oh my gosh, is that you?”

“Yeah, I answered that ad too. Gotta take the opportunities that are handed to you.”

“Ha! Right! Isn’t it wild they put our photos up in the Art Institute of Chicago?”

“It is wild. My name’s Steve.”

“Hi, Steve, nice to meet you. I’m Nicole.”

“Nice to meet you too Nicole. That’s a lovely accent you have there. New Jersey?”

“Staten Island.”

“Island life. How exotic. What do you do for a living?”

“I’m a fire fighter.”

“Oh, no way! I wanted to be a firefighter when I was a kid. That’s so cool.”

“What do you do now as an adult?”

“Hand jobs.”

“Wonderful. I’m a lesbian, actually. But thanks for the daily reminder as to why.”

“No, I meant that I’m a hand model. The hand job thing is just a little joke I do.”

“Oh, I get it. That’s funny. Wanna see my biceps?”

“Not really.”

“Well it was nice meeting you Nicole. Good luck fighting fires.”

“Yeah, you took Steve. Good luck with the hand jobs.”

Loser: Not Using Your Good Side

I mean, she’s got a point.

They could have just angled her in the opposite direction. It’s not like a full arm sleeve is cheap. I would want to show it off too. And since we’re here, Nicole absolutely wants to take that poster of herself home with her. Having her sick, pricey tats involved would have just been a bonus.

But really though, what do they do with these enormous blown-up Challenge people’s faces after this is all done? Is it like how the NBA donates the championship t-shirts made for the team that lost to poor countries? Are there just impoverished children trapped in the third world using Flora posters for a blanket somewhere?

It’s a sad image, to be sure. Funny, definitely, in a wow look at the state of the world I hope Elon Musk made a bajillion dollars today just kidding sort of way. But also, sad. Very, very sad.

How did we get here? How did Nicole’s vanity drag me into this?

Oh my god.

Is this how Laurel feels all the time?

What a nightmare.

Winner: What The Past Can Tell You About The Future

Look, I’m not gonna outright say what the words I type next are about to imply, but just stick with me for a second.

This is not the first time we’ve gotten a shot of Jay solo running on the treadmill.

Typically, such a detail wouldn’t be noteworthy. The notion that a slow-motion workout shot could hold any significance seems rather absurd. However, I can’t ignore my recollection of All Stars 3, particularly the frequent scenes of a certain individual running solo on the treadmill, apparently equally without purpose.

And that certain someone did pretty darn well for themselves by the time the last tray of finger foods was tossed in the trash can after the wrap party.

Again, I’m not saying what my words may be implying. I’m just a guy with a blog.

Loser: Me

Every time I wake up in the middle of the night, my lower back twisted into pretzel-like knots from dozing off on the couch at 8:45 PM during the TV episode that my girlfriend and I started watching three days prior, this thought crosses my mind.

Winner: Me and Adam, The Same, But Different

See, this is how I was as a teenager. Which I’m sure is the same for most of us out there. But my 20’s was more like…not that I thought I knew everything…I was just too distracted to want to know anything.

There was just way too much going to between, ya know, life and girls and jobs and partying that to want to actually know anything would have been a waste of time. I had to go recruit for my NCAA Football Dynasty, ya know? There was way more important shit happening than being a know-it-all.

I ponder whether my reaction to this conversation would have been different in my twenties. For those of you currently in that age range reading this, would you believe it? Would you possess the self-awareness to recognize that within yourself?

All I know is that if you want my advice, it is that you should go ahead and make all the mistakes you want. Try shit. Act stupid. Be dumb. Whatever. It’s fine. You’ll be alright. Be responsible, ya know. Don’t be a total moron. Invest in some ETF’s. Put like 20 bucks aside for it a month or something. Or more. Or not. Blow it all on cocaine and women. I don’t care.

The idea is, when you’re Ryan and Adam’s age, to be like them, and have a big ass smile on your face while reminiscing about how fucking idiotic and irresponsible you were. The smile is what matters. While the words they’re saying are negative, the connotation in their own minds is positive.

Anything less is tragedy of life.

Not to say partying is the only way to achieve those goals. As we learn in the next segment, there are consequences to that lifestyle. Take risks instead. Go bungee jump. Run a marathon. Work on drills every day until you can dunk a basketball. Whatever that insane, reckless behavior only a young person can conjure up the energy and miscalculate the risk factor (or rather, not bother calculating it at all) in order to do will make you most satisfied, that’s the shot you want to take.

When in the God damn fuck did I become the old man on the stoop?

Like they said in that Batman movie, you either die a fun person, or live long enough to be the guy giving unsolicited life advice that not a single person on earth wants to read after they pressed their thumb on something labeled as a “Challenge Episode Recap”.

Winner: The Scene In A Rom-Com About Two Exes Rekindling After Running Into Each Other On A Cruise Twelve Years After Breaking Up Where They Wake Up In Each Other’s Arms All Because The Night Before The Host At The Restaurant Unknowingly Sat Them At Solo Tables Next To Each Other For Dinner And While They Fight At First Three Bottles Of Wine Later One Thing Leads To Another Because Duh! Of Course It Does! These Two Crazy Kids Should Never Have Broken Up In The First Place!

Winner: Sentences That Can Only Be Earnestly Said By A Very Small Group Of People On Planet Earth

Winner: Ryan

I make a lot of jokes and references to drinking and what not around here, and it’s all good fun. But this is just another of a million examples of a lesson in representation and why it’s important. I never really have considered that when I make a joke about Jasmine being layed out on the ground exhausted from a daily challenge where I make fun of hypothetically looking like that after drinking all day, what I am doing is potentially putting one my readers back into a place they may not want to think about.

To anyone I have inadvertently and unknowingly put in that position, I am truly sorry. You’re just tryin’ to enjoy some Fessy jokes, and here I am, unintentionally stirring up unpleasant memories.

But to you chronic farters out there, those that can’t control it and sometimes just let one rip at inopportune times, I do not apologize. I refuse to bend to your tyrannical will, and the fart jokes will live on in perpetuity.

Same goes to those of you effected by anti-Horacio sweaty and shirtless on a stationary bike in the woods disease. You’re also shit out of luck.

Winner: Camila Merch

Where did Flora find a shirt with a picture of Camila on it and how do I get one?

Winner: The Chris Tamburello School Of Enunciation

It’s funny the little quirks we pick up from those we live with.

This entire confessional from Ace was unintelligible and I’m convinced the closed captioning person must be some sort of hearing wizard.

Loser: Wrong Place, Wrong Time

It’s actually Rogue Agent, and sorry to inform you Flora, but Double Agents was like fifteen seasons ago as well.

Where was that season filmed again? Somewhere in Iceland? Rakeeovick? Eh, who would ever need to know how to spell the name of that town anyway?


Winner: What May Not Be Good For You, Is Definitely Good For Us

Right, but, like, one of those outcomes has been much more entertaining to watch than the other.

So, which is it Brad? Do you care about us or not? Save some facial hair for the rest of us, ya know?

Loser: Holding Grudges

“Oh hey, Averey’s walking into frame.”

“Quick, cut away.”

“Are we really gonna do this the whole time?”

“Do what?”

“You get fried from Hooters when you were seventeen for stealing bottles of Chardonnay from the walk-in cooler after close, and since you’re somehow still bitter about that, your plan is to just take it out on Averey all season?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m just trying to make good television.”

“Whatever you say Aneesa, you’re the boss.”

Loser: The Ignorant Male Fanbase Not Giving Brad Any Grace

I mean, to be fair to him, and this is yet another example of my ignorance showing, he is pumping breast milk every few hours. So, his poor performance has at least some explanation.

Winner: Brad’s Reputation Era

What Cara’s describing here, in three succinct words, is exactly the idea I was trying to get at in my article about CT and Trishelle on The Traitors.

On this show, your past comes along with you, it’s the cliched ball and chain come to life. You drag everything you’ve said or done behind you the moment you first walk in the door of whichever tremendous mansion they’ve rented out for you this time.

Nothing Brad has done up to this point on All Stars 4, as putrid and charming as it’s been, actually matters when it comes to Brad’s reputation. That’s what Cara’s trying to get at here. He’s fucking Brad. If this exact same cast was released for the next All Stars, knowing everything you know now, Brad would still probably be the pre-season favorite. Just by default.

But that’s the point. That default setting has been earned over years and years. The beautiful nature of this show is that while they may be archetypes in some ways, sometimes they’re still fucking Brad.

Loser: Keeping Appointments

“There was something important I was supposed to do today…...”

Winner: Subtle Metaphors Which Take Multiple Viewings In Order To Understand In Depth

Do you guys get it or no?

Loser: Challenges Biased Towards One Player Over Everyone Else

Well, I guess we all know who’s going to win this one.

What’s next week’s daily challenge gonna be?

Giving haircuts?

Fighting fires?

Serving an 8 top of past-their-prime-but-don’t-know-it-yet-30-year-old-dudes during the first Thursday of March Madness at Hooters?

Giving my dog a check-up?

Inviting everyone to an orgy disguised as a wellness event?

I would continue, but I can’t come up with any more occupations, and it seems like half of this group is employed by the New York City Fire Department. Nonetheless, I believe my point has been made clear.

Must be nice, Steve.

Winner: Billy Mumphrey And His Unbridled Enthusiasm

Winner: Whiplash

Really good movie.

Winner: Camera Angles

Yo, watup who shorty tho?

Oh, it’s TJ?

…………I stand by it.

Loser: Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

I mean he was right there. What’s a few words, really? Give the guy a break.

Loser: School


I’m going for a record this recap. I’m on my third Billy Madison clip and we’re twelve minutes into the episode. Which is wild because I haven’t seen it in at least six months, but I yam who I yam and you clicked this blog what the hell else did you expect?

Winner: Teamwork

I don’t see what the issue is. As the old saying goes, there’s no I in authority.

What? Brad’s being punished because he believes in community? What’s next? TJ gonna throw pizza at him while he’s having sex with his new girlfriend?

Idk man, I’m starting to realize that most of Brad’s failures this season aren’t really his fault at all.

Winner: The Location Scout

The scenery for this daily challenge was unparalleled. The stunning, verdant mountain range stood as a backdrop, the tranquil water bordered by impeccably green trees around the shoreline. And, naturally, the skies were a flawless shade of Ferris Bueller blue.

Let’s face it, South Africa is stunning.

Loser: Extra Letters

Yeah, I’ll give you an E on the end of that Teej.

That amount of total fuck you questions they chose for this week’s daily challenge is a masterclass. Athlon with an e? Who the fuck would know that? Other than maybe who actually live in South Africa.

Maybe we’re the assholes, but I doubt there’s an American living and breathing right at this current moment who would have known there was an ‘e’ on the end of that word.

Winner: Club Rat Jay

Fuck the fuck yeah man. Seeing this flashback made me so irrationally happy. I’m smiling right now as I type this.

Something in the way you move

— George Harrison

I’m convinced he wrote this line about Jay.

Winner: Jay and Jenna

Lmaooooooooo look at how mad everyone is that Jay and Jenna just beat them all in Trivia.

Loser: Hippies

While, yes, Lebowski, the hippies did in fact lose, since we’re here, let’s take a minute to rank my top five Cal Berkley students of all time.

5. The actor who played Gordo on Lizzie McGuire

4. Kirsten Cohen

3. Jason Kidd

2. Sandy Cohen

  1. Veronica

Somewhere, Brent Musburger is fuming right now.

Winner: Challengers, They’re Just Like Us

I’ve never felt more seen in my life. If I were perched high on a structure with Averey clinging to me for dear life, I would also prioritize making her laugh rather than winning the competition.

It’s like the football scene in Wedding Crashers. Some of us are Vince Vaughn, trying to actually play sports and take it somewhat seriously. And others are Owen Wilson, more concerned with flirting with the Treasurer’s daughter.

Loser: Dory

Given that the event occurred merely forty-eight hours before the question was posed, it would have been quite embarrassing if Laurel and Ryan had not answered correctly.

Not as embarrassing as being unable to spell Bariloche, obviously, but it’s pretty close.

Loser: Making Up Fake Animal Names

I’ll give ya a springbok.

That’s four!

Winner: The Essentials Of Firefighting

Alright, everybody just calm down.


Okay? Seriously, because there’s a ton to get through and if you’re all antsy then I’m gonna be all antsy and we’re going to miss stuff.

So just settle the fuck down.

Let’s go back a couple of weeks.

In an episode of the podcast where I serve as a co-host, which I did not attend, the three hosts — Lauren, George, and Ryan — eventually started to question the intelligence of Jay and Nicole. They particularly speculated about the presence of mathematical questions on the firefighter exam.

While listening at home, I initially felt offended on behalf of one of America’s esteemed institutions. However, an idea quickly came to me. I took out my phone, texted a Chicago firefighter I know, and inquired if he had any old study materials I could use. I’m pretty sure I said “something where it says the temperature of fire or some shit like that”.

A few days later when I saw him, he handed me this…

It’s vast and compact, (the book, not my dog Willa, please don’t talk about her like that, she’s sensitive) with both the number of pages and the density of information on each page being considerable.

For context, the rope section, which Nicole may have referenced (though she actually just nudged Jasmine aside, which doesn’t quite support my argument, so I’ll omit that detail) to win her elimination round last week and secure a star, spans about fifty pages by itself.

Next week, I decided to quiz my co-hosts on various facts from that book. As expected, they didn’t do well, which is understandable since none of them are firefighters.

But back to the chlorophyll for second (that one doesn’t count, but I just wanted to point out that I’m purposefully not counting it), what does this tell us?

Well, it tells us that you can’t really blame Nicole for not being super up to date on her knowledge of fantasy authors. Especially considering their names kindasorta do sound the same. Seriously, say J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien out loud five times fast. They’re basically the same name. Not to mention that both stories are also about wizards and orcs and shit.

I see the vision. The train of thought Nicole’s brain bought tickets to in that moment is a train with visible, shaky, but still visible tracks.

Same goes for Jay. I’ve never tried it, but the VIP section of a night club is probably a terrible place to read The Prisoner of Azkaban.

This Essentials of Fire Fighting doesn’t have Quidditch matches and trips to Hogsmeade to break up the monotony. It’s instead filled only with the chapters where they go to Herbology class.

I wouldn’t wanna read anything else after that either.

Which would explain Nicole’s reaction when TJ simply said the word ‘author’.

TJ hadn’t even finished the question. That was her reaction to just the idea of him asking her ANYTHING to do with books. The question may have even been “Which famous author wrote the book The Essentials of Fire Fighting”.

Although, tbh, I have a feeling Nicole doesn’t know that either.

I’ve been playing the “What does this sound like coming out of Nicole’s mouth” game all season. To varying degrees of success. For every ‘Keeflwa’ we’ve gotten an ‘Ace’.

But I never thought to ponder what the name of the most famous wizard in London would sound like.

You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need

— Mick Jaggar

I sometimes wonder why they waited so long to put All Stars 4 out.

I now have my answer.

When you possess a gem like Nicole’s answer, which transforms what many considered an innocuous question into magic, and you anticipate the rapturous reception it will receive upon release, you have the luxury of patience.

Thank you, Challenge Gods.

Okay, let’s get to the second part.

Look, I know she’s embroiled in controversy and has done an elite job of being a total fucking idiot and ruining everything for everybody who is in the unfortunate position where Harry Potter is meaningful to them, but I think one thing J.K. Rowling could do to somewhat flip the narrative is to legally change her name to J.K. Row, Row, Row, Row.

And when asked why she did it, cite Nicole and her respect for the work of the New York City Fire Department.

Speaking of the New York City Fire Department, there’s one person involved in this whole fiasco (is it a fiasco if it’s also the most amazing thing to ever happen to me?) who is likely to get off scot-free.

It’s becoming clearer by the day, that the only way Club Rat Jay knows how to be is totally fucking poetic.

Let’s go back even further…

Woah, way too far again…

There they are!

This incident will probably haunt Jay for the rest of his life. Regardless of the results of this season or future ones, there will always be someone who will incessantly bring up the moment when he couldn’t drink the drink.

As I discussed in my Moment In Challenge History Volume 4 article, while this moment was definitely about Jay, as this Harry Potter moment was definitely about Nicole, Jenna got away scot-free the same way Jay did here.

Jenna had no intention of drinking that drink. Jay’s role as the scapegoat served as a karmic resolution for his tenure on reality TV up to that moment. Consequently, Jenna was not criticized for what would have been an identical outcome if she had been the one to break down in tears instead of him.

Nicole may have set the perception of a firefighter’s intellect back fifteen years that day in South Africa, but Jay didn’t know the answer either. He could have thrown his body in front of that. And now Nicole is going to get the brunt of the bullshit. The jokes. I’m sure there are infinite comments on myriad social media platforms calling Nicole some derivative of an idiot right this very second.

Now, Jay can walk away from this situation, still unaware of the authors’ names behind two of the most famous stories ever told, with his hands clean and his dignity intact.

How can you not be romantic about The Challenge?

Winner: Nicole

Yeah, in a way. They’re both stories about a whiny kid with an annoying best friend who have to complete an arduous task for an old man’s enjoyment where both could have been completed much sooner and with much less death and despair if that same old man would have just told everybody what was really going on and took care of business himself.

If you’re reading this from somewhere in New York City and the building set on fire, that’s the person coming to save you.

Winner: Ultra Violet Rays

I’m unstoppable today.

Loser: Participation Trophies

Was it, Teej? Was it a good job?

This is The Challenge. Isn’t it inherently supposed to be challenging?

What just happened? What is that question?

What’s going on?

Now that’s a good job.

Loser: Leroy For Not Paying Attention

No, Leroy! Come on! It’s the spatchcock or whatever! You just got this question earlier, man!

Winner: Trivia

Question: What is Ryan doing in this photograph?

A: Sharting

B: Reacting to having been just kicked in the achilles by a large man on a crowded city bus

C: Remembering he forgot about the one on the shelf above the toilet in the bathroom when he made the list of houseplants for his cousin to water while he was gone

D: None of the above

That’s right, it’s D! None of the above. That’s actually him screaming in agony while Laurel pinches and twists his nipples.

Winner: Unintentional Comedy

During this same round, Nicole and Jay had to spell the word ‘mission’.

For years, trivia has been a hilarious episode due to just how poorly some of these people answer questions. This time around, the hilarity is how some questions are things like, “Is Rachel right-handed?” and others are things like, “Fuck you.”

Winner (Again): The Location Scout

I mean, look at that backdrop. Put down your smart phones and your nintendo pads for just a second and soak in the beauty of what’s in front of you.

Loser: Mummified References

I filed this same complaint during Ride or Dies, but we’re now over a year later, and we still have not managed to update the pop culture references to being super smart with numbers from the movie Rain Man which came out a million years ago.

This is what happens when everything these days is about Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. That’s probably really why Nicole and Jay don’t read books. Because they already saw Rain Man.

Okay, serious question, have either Jay or Nicole ever seen Rain Man?

Winner: The Real Questions

Lmaooo look at that picture of the toilet they put in there. They were right to assume we didn’t know what a spatchcock looked like, but ideally everyone reading this has familiarized themselves with a toilet.

Okay, but the real question, have any of them shit in all seven toilets?

Well, that then brings up the obvious follow up question, was Tony there long enough to have taken seven shits? Because he definitely would have at least wanted to achieve that goal.

Loser: Remembering Stuff

Just based off trying to remember the answer right this very second, and maybe this says more about me than it does about them, but I too have no idea what color my living room couch is.

Loser: This Trivia Question

No, TJ, you spell braai.

Fuck outta here with that shit. I’m on vacation.

Winner: Communication Issues

That seems inefficient.

Does the scatting from the Dave Matthews Band song Ants Marching count as one of them?

Nothing can take you out of your Sprite and vodka from a large McDonald’s cup haze quite like the part of the Dave Matthews Band concert where he starts doing that shit.

Just play the songs dude.

Winner: The Little Things To Show That You Care

Awwww. And you all think this relationship is toxic. Look how sweet Laurel is, helping Nicole get out of the shallow water with a life jacket on.

Winner: Making A Quick Buck

Seriously, Leroy, you know this. Just think of all your former co-workers who go over there to let some Prince shit on their chest for 20,000 dollars. What city is the building with the penthouse where those parties are located in?

Winner: Dominos

I’ve had my fair share of fresh oven baked pizzas with fresh ingredients and yada yada yada. It’s fine. They’re good. It’s good. Everything’s good. One of the best pizzas I’ve ever had was fresh from a wood-fire pizza oven like this. Had lamb on it and cilantro and pickled red onions. I tell you what, right now, that pizza, with a glass of dry South African red, that’s livin’ good right there. My mouth is watering just imagining it.

You what slaps though?


Or whatever your go-to shitty, generic, chain pizza is. Idk what it is (salt, sugar, butter, basically everything to trick your brain into thinking it tastes good, but you can go to hell with your alternative facts), but if given the choice between the two options, I will choose the “shittier” one every single time.

Winner: Chicken Breast Hold The Chicken

“Hey Jay, my tits are up here.”

Winner: That Winner Feeling

Sometimes I take all the shine, talk like I drank all the wine

— Kanye West

My man Ace was feelin’ himself. Got a couple wins in a row, sittin’ on a star, couple cocktails later and ole boy was up there being goofy as hell.

Winner: The Challenge

The winner of this show goes home with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Loser: Dismissing Valid Options

Or you could purchase one for twenty coins, or Bowser could take one from someone else and give one to you, or you could win a mini-game where someone wagers their stars, or you could get thrown an extra one at the end for landing on the most question mark spaces. The list is almost endless I don’t understand why Leroy is being so obtuse.

Ya know, maybe it’s just me, but after all the evidence we’ve gotten over the last seven or so episodes, I’m starting to think Leroy’s never even played Mario Party.

Winner: The Production Manager Who Built This Rig

They said “I built this fucking thing, we’re gonna use it.” I hope, for continuities sake, that it was this guy…

Winner: Becoming A Cliche

It’s actually a scientific fact that one cannot officially be from the suburbs of Chicago until you come into some money and buy a place in Michigan.

Shout out to Brad for finally reaching the pinnacle of coming full circle in life.

Loser: Exaggeration

Eh, it’s not that big. If I were Wun Wun I would take offense to that.

And Nicole, Jay, just so you two don’t feel left out, that’s a Harry Potter reference.

Winner: The Simulator Gods

I got this text message from my girlfriend as I was typing this recap. There was no prompt for this. I don’t even think she knows I make Billy Madison references here. She thinks I save that for everyday life.

I’m counting this as number six so that our Simulator Gods don’t strike me down before I’m able to release this recap to the public.

Loser: Battle For A New Champion

Jesus. Was Season 39 really that long?

Winner: Devonte Green

Who’s Devonte Green?

Great question.

For those of you not from the state of Indiana, Devonte Green was a guard for the Indiana Hoosiers in the late 2010’s who had what I consider to be the greatest tattoo maybe of all time.

He got the unlimited ammo code from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on his arm. He’s a shooter. Even if you can’t pick up on that complex chess metaphor the editors keep showing us, you have to at least understand this one.

This is pretty irrelevant, even for me. But I’ve never really had a public forum to praise this guy before, and so I had to take my opportunity when it presented itself.

Anywho, back to the chlorophyll…

Winner: A Break In The Action

Oh man, The Cupid Shuffle. You know why I love it when that song comes on during weddings?

Because it’s the perfect excuse to leave the dance floor and do literally (yep) anything else.

Please stop telling me what to do. I’ll dance however I want to. Thanks.

Winner: Michigan Property Taxes

I guess that’s one less Chicagoan you all need to worry about.

Bummer that Brad lost though. Seems like he had this season in the bag. Oh well, hopefully next time he does an elimination it’s against someone easy like Kyland.

Winner: Earned Wisdom

It’s 2024 and Club Rat Jay is dispensing Challenge wisdom to, as Cara Maria would say, fucking Brad.

And it makes total sense.

Did we all collectively get hit in the head? Is The Challenge concussed? Am I concussed?

And if we are all leaking spinal fluid, I wouldn’t choose a better group of assholes to do so with.


Thanks for reading! Don’t forget, send in your questions for my 200th Article Celebration post coming later this summer to Some of the ones I got after last week were hilarious! Thank you again to anyone who’s sent one in, and I look forward to hearing from you all soon! And until then, as always, Happy Challenge Watching!!!



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