The Challenge All Stars 4 Episode 6 Recap — Winners & Losers

Brian Batty
28 min readMay 10, 2024


Welcome back to another edition of Winners and Losers for The Challenge All Stars 4! This time, we’re back to discuss episode six. And what an episode it was. Inside this week: Steve breaks into Brad’s stash, the Knibb High Lacrosse team makes two separate appearances, Laurel dresses in an interesting way, and much much more…

Winner: This Guy

Big win for homie with the leg tats. Look at you, following proper eighteen-months-into-covid protocols. Lookin’ like every Door Dash driver during lockdown. Out here, delivering Taco Bell, sneaking hits of resin from your bowl in between stops.

Or, as the government would explain it, an essential worker.

Winner: Kunu

Oh, the weather outside is weather.

I’ll tell you what though, if “when life gives you lemons, just say fuck the lemons and bail” isn’t the greatest advice one movie character has ever given to another movie character, than I don’t know what is.

The lesson here, Leroy, to paraphrase the great Michael Scott, is that you don’t do anything ever to anyone ever.

The various wisdom's of Kunu and Michael Scott, if nothing else, are guiding lights, useful tools shepherding you through life’s hardest moments. Such as when the mother of your children and a hot lady pirate you used to live with throughout your twenties in various international locales are arguing about things that don’t matter for reasons that remain unclear.

A situation that, on a human level, we can all relate to.

Winner: Fitness Plans You Can Buy Off The TV

Why do I feel like it’s 2005 and Leroy’s about to tell me that if I call in the next sixty minutes, and order his VELOCITY 16 DVD set, promising me that I can go from out of shape loser to looking just like him in eight days without even breaking a sweat, he’ll throw in a twenty seven years supply of his brand new protein powder for only the low cost of $57.95, after which he does some Challenge math and informs me that that’s $2,000 worth of value for free?

Winner: Leroy

There’s no joke or anything. I’m just happy to have him back.

Loser: Life, For It Never May Be Perfect

What a really nice, funny, goofy, screenshot of the two of them.

And then there’s a bigass picture of Veronica right in the middle of it.

There’s a life lesson in that.

Speaking of life lessons…

Loser: Me, For Taking You Don’t Wanna Know How Long To Make This Stupid Video

Loser: Phrasing

There’s just so much happening here.

I guess the first thing to do is to ask the obvious question stemming from a combination of this image above and the memory of her shooting laser beams into the camera last week; why is Cara Maria so into finger guns this season?

I’ve always had a dream that one of these times before TJ finishes explaining the rules at the beginning of the process, he does his whole “oh wait, there’s one more thing” routine, and he drops this bomb on them…

“This season, there is one gun, loaded with one bullet, hidden somewhere in the house.”

Would anyone actually shoot anyone?

Probably not? At least now that Camila’s gone.

Michael Scott wasn’t wrong that bringing a gun into the situation makes everything more interesting. The rest of the assholes in his improv class just didn’t see it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this is not the first time I’ve brought this idea up, and maybe Cara is one of the 19 people who read these recaps, and so she’s leveraging her power within the world of The Challenge in order to make my dream come true.

Though I guess it’s possible that Paulie has been playing a lot of Call of Duty lately. And it’s as simple as that.

But that’s actually the lamest possibility on the board. So let’s get that out of the way and return to the idea that Cara Maria is advocating for there to be a gun in the house. Because if there is any life lesson to be gleaned from Cara over the years, is that you should never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Loser: Ryan’s Ability To Scout The Competition

As far as I know, Flora is still in the house, so I don’t know what the fuck this guy is talking about.

Winner: Ryan and Jenn on Fresh Meat 2

As strange of a thing as that is for a person to say out loud, he’s right. In this instance he’s referring to Fresh Meat 2. A relic of a different time in this show’s history when the cast and crew took it both less seriously and more seriously than they do now. And while the stakes couldn’t have been any lower, the level of intensity with which those minimal stakes smoldered was astronomical.

In other words, the stakes were low and how much they cared was high. Whereas now the stakes are high but how much they care is low. Playing the results, one version is obviously better than the other.

No season of this show makes me feel younger and no season of this show makes me feel older.

Fresh Meat 2 was built around Kenny and Wes basically forming two teams and going head to head. In a sense, this season represents a major part of what makes this show great. They were able to build an entire season around the rivalry of two guys who built this rivalry while Bunim Murray had cameras on them. Real life relationships, real life betrayals, real life animosity, all filmed and all leading to a story line for a reality television competition show where the prize was a few thousand bucks.

The outcome was that both of them ended up losing to the guy who stayed out of it all. Choosing instead to spend his time sitting in his bunk bed doing tangram puzzles which he made out of torn out college-ruled notebook paper with his partner, who was part human from earth and part just arriving on this planet learning to interact with others.

What the outcome truly hinged on, beyond Landon’s superhuman abilities, was Kenny having Laurel for a partner and Wes choosing Mandi because he thought she was hot.

Their egos were so massive, and yet so fragile, that truly the best way for the rest of the cast to operate was to tell both of them exactly what they wanted to hear at any given moment.

Which was exactly what Ryan did. Playing it perfectly. One time, a reader aptly going by ResponsibleFudge8701 commented and described Ryan as “Diet Dr. Bob Littlefinger” which is funnier and more clever than anything I’ve ever come up with here.

But it’s also perfect. And also seems to be the role he’s attempting to occupy yet again. It‘s clear, when given the space to operate, Ryan might actually be the smartest person in the room at any given time.

Which also means that he’s going to get stabbed in the gut by a small, angry girl (Jasmine? Cara Maria? Tina? Lotta women on this cast fit the bill) at some point this season.

I will say though, now that I’m thinking about it, at some point I’m obviously going to die, so if I were to rank the potential reasons for dying, getting stabbed in the belly by Jasmine would be one hell of a way to go. I’ve always thought the Pete Maravich route, having a heart attack during a pick-up basketball game, was the ideal death. But now I’m having second thoughts.

Winner: Hit ’Em Wit Them Angles

Was this one camera person or were there just a swarm of them capturing this apparently captivating moment of Ryan sitting on the bed listening to Cara talk about herself?

Look at that shot framed between Cara’s hair and her Italian speaking hand.

Unbelievable shit.

Bet this is the same camera person who caught that one of Laurel and Nicole wrestling while Cara looked on from the bed behind them. To paraphrase the greatest ever Russian poker player/Oreo advocate Teddy KGB, pay that person their money.

Winner: The Free Press

Lmao, no newspapers?

What year is it?

Believe me, the world was a better place when people got their news that way, don’t get me wrong. But if I had to guess, if Steve asked the producers if he could go buy a newspaper, their answer would probably be “good luck finding one.”

I too dream of a simpler time when you could just buy the Baltimore Sun from Bubbles while stuck in the morning commute, Steve. I have an idea, why don’t go smoke some more of that South African cheeba you found growing in the woods and see what year you think it is next.

Winner: Sharing

At the very least, I hope Steve asked before digging into Brad’s stash.

Loser: My Ignorance

Wait, why would anyone make creepy comments about that? I don’t get it. How else would one kidnap a lost child from the mall? Seriously, because if there’s some new technology out there and I’m not aware of it, I’m gonna be pissed. Duct tape’s getting crazy expensive.

Tweet us @fessyfitness if you got a link for me.

No, seriously, go tweet @fessyfitness different links on how to tie people up and kidnap them from the mall. Best techniques. Links to different types of ammonia on Amazon or whatever. Just keep tweeting us @fessyfitness any sort of kidnapping content you can find.

Loser: Bulgarian Bags

Omg I love Magic Mike!

No but seriously, whatever happened to push-ups? Or, like, sit-ups. Or hell, maybe even a pull-up?

Nah. That’s dumb. Let me swing this stupid ass thing around in the middle of the yard.

Winner: Billy Mumphrey And His Unbridled Enthusiasm

Hell yeah, Averey.

Winner: The Knibb High Lacrosse Team

Loser: Anyone Interested In Using The Heavy Bag For It’s Intended Purposes That Day

While Steve’s swinging that stupid thing around like an animal, Cara’s apparently dragging the heavy bag into the backyard for reasons that remain unclear.

Living in this house must be so fucking weird.

It used to be so fucking weird at night. Now it’s super fucking weird in the day time. Hard to tell which is more fucking weird.

Yet as I type that sentence my eyes instinctively pan up and again look upon what looks to be the backyard of the insane asylum from Good Burger.

Don’t ever tell me this isn’t the greatest show in the world.

Winner: Google, Finally Working Right

Loser: My Continued Ignorance

I think you’re doing great man. Why would anyone think you look like a weirdo?

Winner: Aces In Places

Maybe it’s my privilege showing here, but I have never once in my life slept in that position before.

How does that even happen?

How does one end up there? Was he sleeping on the couch, rolled off, then sleep-Ace just half got up before returning to whatever dream of tour busses parked outside of college town bars he was having?

There’s a lot about this show that sparks my curiosities, but nothing has tickled the cerebral twine quite this way in a long time.

Loser: Maturity




Get this whack shit out my face bruh.

Nicole’s gotta go make a run at Veronica while Laurel watches from across the bar or something. Anything! At least when the two of them are being irrational, it tracks with the outcome you’re already aware of. When they sit and talk like grown-ups, idk, it’s like I’m holding in a fart while having a conversation with a cute girl. The feeling of discomfort I get from watching the two of them be civil with no underlying motive (tbh, that’s a stretch, we all know how eloquent we can be when we want to have sex with a person we’ve already had sex with before, but you get me point) is purely an unenjoyable experience.

It’s too bad that things are all settled between them and nothing else weird is going to happen and that they’re done hooking up and making bad decisions for the rest of their time here.

Loser: Lazy Custodial Artists

“And just a reminder to watch your step. We still haven’t cleaned up from the last time we were here.”

(Editors Note: While combing through this, I now realize that these might be two different stadiums, but, honestly, I don’t really care. Just admitting it is enough. And if you do care, go watch Ben throw up all over himself again and you’ll know my response.)

Loser: Modernity

I sincerely hope that no Ticketmaster C-Suite dickhead was watching this episode. Because, if so, we’re about three years away from this being how any of us get concert tickets. We’re all going to pay a flat two hundred dollar fee, and this is how we’ll get our spots. Including not having enough seats for everyone.

And then you’ll probably have to pay an extra $7.95 each time you fail to secure a seat. Meaning that the worse seats will actually cost extra. Which only makes sense if you use the same backwards Bulgarian math that Ticketmaster apparently does.

So just remember, next time you go to buy a $35 ticket to something and end up paying $87 at checkout, The Challenge taught us that it can get worse.

I need a pick-me-up.

That’s the good stuff right there. Let’s get on with the chlorophyll.

Winner: Asking, Therefore Receiving

I wrote this in my Episode Three recap.

Then like the kind and generous deities that they are, the Challenge Gods answered my prayers directly.

The result?

Eh. Pretty underwhelming.

They’re not all winners. Even Michael Jordan struck out from time to time. At least in Space Jam he did.

Winner: The Unintentional Benefits Of Ayanna’s Departure

Let’s not forget it was Ayanna who was the first to spot that Leroy and Kam might be in an alliance this season.

So now that she’s gone, and no one’s around to shine a spotlight on it, they’re able to partner together while escaping suspicion. At least it didn’t seem like anyone else was wary of some under the table deal going on.

To everyone else, it may just seem that Kam is simply the mother of Leroy’s children and wife-to-be. Yet Ayanna knew the truth, the shady secret alliance between the two of them, and that’s ultimately why she was targeted in the first place.

Like Vince Foster once found out, speaking truth to power is a dangerous game.

Loser: Me At The Zoo, Insecure About Someone In The Room Being Taller Than Me

Winner: Unicorn Emoji Brownies

There is nothing more boring to me than basically any daily challenge they do. I’m sure if you’ve read these recaps long enough, you’ve noticed I basically never talk about it.

This season, on the other hand, I am locked in to every second. And it’s all thanks to Brad. Is he throwing these on purpose? Is he actually high off his gourd? Is the beard pulling brain cells down with it as it makes it’s journey towards the center of the earth?

Whatever is it, I don’t care. Brad has been submitting a pantheon level performance so far. This is one trip I never want to end.

Winner: The White Rabbit

That actually wasn’t Leroy talking, it was the unicorn emoji Brad’s been taking orders from explaining their general strategy this season.

Loser: Bad Baseball Teams

One of the small joys of playing fantasy baseball is tuning into a random Oakland Athletics game because your pitcher is going against them and at some point, almost guaranteed, the broadcast will cut to a section of the outfield bleachers that are empty outside of a row of kids sitting like this, wearing matching shirts like them, who are clearly only there for some sort of summer-camp type retreat, and just like the group of challengers above, they aren’t facing forward or paying attention to the game at all.

Btw, since you asked, and since scientifically nothing is more interesting in the world than someone else’s fantasy sports team, my team is 2–3, both of my wins were lucky, and my hitters are so dreadful it almost pains me to even set a line-up at this point.

Paul Skenes is getting promoted this weekend, so at least I have that going for me.

Winner: Art

Tattoo this across my entire back.

Winner (I Think? At Least Those Of Us Safe At Home Are I Guess): When The Movie ‘Single White Female’ Creeps Into Reality

Can something be weird and unsurprising at the same time?

Doesn’t one of those descriptors inherently contradict the other?

Because here’s the deal, Laurel choosing to dress like Michele for one of her confessional looks is both really weird and totally unsurprising.

If you don’t feel like digging your fingernails into that mush, another way to look at this confessional outfit, one that’s similarly strange yet much more pleasant overall, is that what you’re seeing there isn’t actually Laurel but instead is the hottest possible version of The Big Show.

Loser: TJ Lavin, At Least This Week

“So you’re telling me I have to sit there in the hot sun and watch these old, slow people run around the stadium for like three hours?”

“Yeah, but, ya know, last week you got do the go kart thing.”

“Well, I know! And that was super rad. So why don’t we just do a go kart thing again?”

“TJ, not every challenge can be a go-kart challenge.”

“Why not?”

“….well, I’m not really sure. Redundancy I guess.”

“You guys invite Aneesa back every single season. Don’t give me redundancy.”

All jokes aside, did anyone else notice how…unconcerned(?) TJ was while he was reading off those seat numbers? I guess I’d be mad too, if I went from last week, where he actually had fun, not fake trivia fun, for the first time in his career hosting this show, to the droll of this week (At least on his end I thought this daily challenge was hilarious. At least the first part. Why wasn’t that just the whole thing?) where his job was to essentially work a shift at Portillos and be the guy who calls out the numbers and rhymes them.

My first ever job, btw.

Number one, your order is done!

I remember all of them. It was actually a requirement to do so. I had this boss named Maria who would walk around and reprimand you for not doing the stupid rhymes. She also was the first boss who introduced me to the phrase “you got time to lean you got time to clean.”

What she didn’t know is that I just wanted to buy an Xbox 360 and was planning on quitting the moment I got my first paycheck. Which is exactly what I did.

What I’m trying to say here, is that if there’s anyone who needs our sympathy, it’s TJ Lavin. A man whose job is to get paid to travel the world and every once in awhile has to ask some moron whether wolves are carnivores and maybe 65toss a laugh towards another unfunny Johnny Bananas joke.

I mean, honestly, what do you do for a living? Throwing stones at TJ from the rooftops of your glass houses, by looks of it.

Winner: This Show

That it will never come again, is what makes life so sweet

— Emily Dickinson

It’s 2024. Laurel is wearing an NBA shooter’s sleeve and screaming in Brad’s bearded face about his need to look inward and discover what’s keeping him from being able to focus during daily challenges.

I mean, come on, ya know? How incredible is it to be alive at this very moment?

I wouldn’t trade one stupid decision for another five years of life

— James Murphy

I wouldn’t trade this season of The Challenge for another ten years of life.

Winner: High School Track

Hol’ up, stop, wait a minute.

Let’s turn this spaceship around and rewind to a season long ago…

Ah shit, wayyyyy too far.

Let’s try that again.

Okay so either Derek is Jackie Joyner-Kersee, he went to a really small high school in a really small district, or he’s exaggerating to prove a point.

Wanna know how you can tell Derek was on the track and field team in high school?

Wait fifteen minutes and he’ll tell you all about it.

Winner: Averey’s Ability To Shed A Clever New Light On Well-Worn Old Topics

Never thought about it like that. Gahdam. Because that’s true, if you think about it. If you have an advantage, than that benefits you. Because you have an advantage which means that you’re benefiting from some advantageous position.

That’s some quantum shit right there, Averey!

Winner: Staying On Brand

This is why we can never have AI Challenge people. Because the AI would end up saying some shit like “It is starting to become more Battle Of The Seasons (2012).”

In a world where AI has taken over everything, this little disgusting corner The Challenge occupies may be the only safe place left.

Winner: Answers To Questions

For years, decades, eons even, Challenge fans have been arguing back and forth, with seemingly no end in sight, about whether or not Derek or Club Rat Jay is faster in a foot race.

In the same way we were able take the eternal ponderance (that’s not a word) of “Who’s better in an axe throwing contest between Cara Maria and Rachel?” and finally put it to rest, the answer to that original question, as we now know, is neither of them.

Now we can finally shut up about the whole Derek and Jay thing. I think the answer is pretty clear. So if I log onto Reddit tomorrow and see yet another post about it, I’m going to blow my top and start a fight with an elderly woman crossing the street.

The fate of some random elderly citizen of Chicago rests in your hands. Don’t blow it.

Winner: Tommie Smith And John Carlos

Loser: Part Two Of This Daily Challenge

Okay, play this hypothetical out with me.

In the first round, the biggest revelation was by far this idea that the difference between Derek and Usain Bolt isn’t as great as we thought it was. So if the game were more of a solo thing, and it was just musical chairs around a stadium, and Derek continued to dominate in the way that he did, therefore after leaving that day’s daily challenge, the rest of the house has to suddenly consider Derek a threat.

Isn’t that so much more interesting than what we got? What may not have been good for Derek’s game, would have at least shifted things a little bit. Got people to take notice of him as a legitimate threat.

Instead, a puzzle was thrown in. Because why not? Why not make all things equal at all times? That’s how real life works, isn’t it?

By doing what they did, this went from a unique, fun daily challenge and turned it into the same Point A to Point B and solve a puzzle bullshit they always do.

They were so close!

Loser: The Song Cooler Than Me By Mike Posner

You know what song sucks?

Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner.

Why did they choose this song? The only possible explanation I can think of is that Mike Posner is the one choosing the music this season. There is literally (oh yeah, I went there) no other explanation possible.

Loser: Mike Posner’s Assumptions

No, see, Mike, that’s where you’re wrong.

I know I’m cooler than you.

Each and every one of you out there reading this is cooler than you too.

See, that’s why you suck. It’s because you don’t realize that us thinking we’re cooler than you has nothing to do with it.

What’s that, Mike Posner?

Winner: Subverting Expectations

A much more subtle approach than I would have predicted out of Nicole.

Winner: Found Footage Movies

Which Paranormal Activity is this?

Loser: Coming Back Downstairs After You Thought Everyone Had Already Left Your House Party Only To Realize The Girl You Had A Crush On Was In Your Backyard Hooking Up With A Sophomore You Didn’t Recognize

I sure do hope these two crazy kids make it.

Winner: Spit Takes

Been a minute since I seen one of those.

Loser: This Fucking Guy Again

Yo, what’s this dude’s deal? Honestly? What in the hell is he talking about?

What other players are there?

Seriously, name one. Go ahead. I dare you.

I do, Ryan, I do double dare you.

Loser: Awkward Couples

Aw, look, their first fight. Isn’t young love beautiful?

Winner: Cara Maria


Loser: Everyone Else

This is what happens when the group who’s responsible for voting people into elimination rounds is four people who have done a combined like four challenges in the last twenty years and Cara Maria, who once did twenty challenges over the span of four years.

How did that happen? I mean Ryan even wore camo pants and flip flops like he was Cady fucking Heron and Cara Maria still ended up getting what she wanted. Both Adam and Flora verbally called out that Cara Maria was just trying to strong arm everyone into getting what she wants, and she still got what she wanted.

Great job by them.

Loser: Nicole Being A Tease

Don’t get me all riled up thinking Berna’s here, please Nicole. Shit’s not nice. I’m too emotionally vulnerable for that kind of whiplash.

Winner: The Real World Portland

You know, if Averey was going to wear the face of one of her old Real World roommates on her hoodie, it would have been a lot funnier if it was Anastasia.

Loser: Getting An Answer To The Question You Asked

“Well, you see Teej, Cara Maria whined and complained and stomped her feet until she got her way.”

If he were to have heard that answer, he would have definitely believed it.

Having Cara back is the best thing that’s ever happened to this show.

Winner: Free Advice

Lemme give you a little piece of advice kids…

If two people who look exactly like this walk up to you and offer to sell you drugs, you know what you do?

You buy them. And when you end up having the night of your life, don’t forget it was Funcle Brian you led you down that path.

Winner: Pilot Pete

For many reasons, Pilot Pete was my favorite Bachelor ever. For one, and maybe it is and maybe it isn’t, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the nation-wide Covid shutdown began like 48 hours after his After The Final Rose episode aired.

That sounds like a joke, but I’m deadass serious.

But most importantly, Pete’s greatest quality as a Bachelor was that his world view was entirely shaped by whatever the last person told him. If you told him the sky was blue, he’d believe you. Then if I told him the sky was green fifteen minutes later, he’d think the sky is green. Meaning that all these girls basically played him back and forth all week every week and he just spun around like a whirlybird until the end, when he chose one girl, then changed his mind and chose the other, but then ultimately ended up choosing no one.

That’s who Nicole is reminding me of in this moment. Pilot Pete. She’s making her decisions based on the most recent piece of information she heard.

“You’re working with Cara.”

“I’m not working with Cara.”

“TJ, can I change my mind?”

Which makes me think that the citizens of New York City are pretty freaking lucky that fire can’t speak. Otherwise, they’d be in big, big trouble should something catch a flame.

“No, Nicole, look, I know I’m hot, but I’m not dangerous at all. It’s that water stuff you should be worried about.”

Winner: Veronica

Look, whatever details you want to parse around this situation is fine. Do what you please.

But the fact that this is the third time something like this played out is kind of weird. Starting to think that Veronica is actually a Jedi.

She basically hit Nicole with a “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for” and then Pilot Nicole was like oh right good idea and just changed her mind for……..reasons.

Whether you want to give Veronica all the credit or no credit, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. But there’s no doubting that there’s an eerie similarity between this craziness, the Dirty 30 vote against Leroy, and sneaking out of getting voted in on The Ruins. Just another arrow in the quiver of one of the greatest to ever play this game.

Loser: Me

I sit here and I write all these dumbass words and Kefla just stands up and off the cuff delivers a description of himself that’s more eloquent and well-written than anything I’ve said about anyone all season.

Mahalo, Kefla.

Winner: Handjob Steve

Okay, so is Steve actually the funniest human being on the planet or what’s going on here?

Loser: Adam’s Listening Ability

56, actually.

Loser: Playing Down To Your Competition

What? Is that supposed to be hard or something?

Loser: This Elimination Round

Uh, yeah. Whatever they were trying to attempt with this weird move-a-big-rope-four-inches-to-either-side game, but it just didn’t work. There’s a reason both the men’s and women’s rounds combined to last about ninety seconds.

Win some ya lose some. Not sure what happened to just putting a pole in the middle of the sand, but adapt or die I guess.

Winner: Moms and Dads

“And now we get to go home to the real Challenge…being a parent.”

Neither of them said that because that would be truly a lame thing to say, but the idea is there. Both of them were happy with their performances for different reasons. Kefla proved something to himself, and Jasmine, just by the sheer delight which she spoke about being seen as a social and political threat, very obviously did the same.

As Adam once said, there’s a beauty that transcends this experience. Being a parent is just one of those examples. Along with keeping up a conversation while maintaining the ability to cut hair, obviously.

Loser: That Beat Writer For The Indiana WNBA Team

Careful Flora, do that enough times and some creepy weirdo is going to flirt with you in the middle of a press conference, and then double down by writing the strangest newspaper article in the history of newspaper articles.

I mean the guy apologized for being weird towards a 22 year old girl by explaining that he’s weird all the time and then walked us through his seven stages of grief surrounding an incident where there was no grief.

This is a niche reference, to be sure, but Flora doing the hand gesture that started this whole thing is just too perfect. Add it to the already long list of similarities between Flora and Caitlin Clark.

Loser: Respect And Integrity

Yeah, that’s nice and all. But you cannot have those two things and also win this game. Which is what makes it the greatest game in the world.

Winner: That Cool Hand Move Handjob Steve Did With His Handjob Hands


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