The Challenge: All Stars 3 Episode 8 Recap — Winners & Losers

Winner: Phrasing

Loser: Deity Duties

Winner: Nehemiah

Winner: Swimming Alone In An Infinity Pool In Panama

Loser: The Slow Encroachment Towards the Finish Line

Winner: That Dog

Winner: The Illuminati

Winner: Challenge People

Loser: Out-Dated Resumes

Loser: Having To Actually Run a Final

Winner: Lil’ Mama

Loser: Wearing a Hoodie Under a Blazer

Winner: Apparently The Pungent Aroma The Final Emits

Winner: Wes Being Wes

Winner: Jonna’s Favorite Disney Movie

Loser: Flying Scheduled

Winner: High School Football

Winner: Writing Your Own History

Loser: Huggers

Winner: Kellyanne

Loser: The Edge of the Frame

Winner: Nehemiah

Winner: Decanters

Winner: All-Stars Set Designers

Loser: Johnny’s Microphone

Winner: Phone-a-Friend

Winner: This Damn House

Loser: Laterrian

Winner: Nia

Winner: Fire

Winner: Ben Zobrist



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