The Challenge: All Stars 3 Episode 6 Recap — Winners & Losers

Winner: Obvious Needle Drops

Loser: Kellyanne’s Boyfriend’s Wardrobe Choices

Loser: Phone Addictions

Winner: Second Generation Challengers

Loser: Gas Station Dick Pills

Winner: The Small Things In Life

Winner: Jordan’s Personal Growth

Loser: Minimalism

Winner: Restraint

Loser: Report Cards

Loser: Sharing Birthdays

Loser: Theo

Winner: Shit Sandwiches

Loser: That Apple

Winner: Classic American Literature

Loser: The Guy Who Picked A Fight With Ronnie On The Seaside Boardwalk That One Time

Winner: Stan Podolak

Loser: Braiding Hair To Cure Boredom

Loser: Bill Gramatica



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