The Challenge: All Stars 3 Episode 4 Recap — Winners & Losers

Winner: Alternative Cryptocurrency

Winner: Old Timey Sayings

Winner: Yes’s Hat Versatility

Winner: Drinking Games

Loser: Not Getting The Full Matchups

Loser: The Patriarchy

Loser: That Flamingo

Winner: That “Your Postmates order is on the way! James will be arriving in 11 minutes.” Text

Winner: Eloquence

Winner: Old Timey Sayings (Part 2)

Loser: Those Who Say Comedy Is Dead

Winner: Eloquence (Part 2)

Winner: Old Timey Sayings (Part 3)

Winner: Getting the Solo Date Card

Winner: Game Changers

Loser: Loyalty

Winner: Wedgies

Winner: Helmets

Loser: Heights

Loser: Brad

Winner: That Seventh Margarita

Loser: The Bar Back

Winner: Darrell’s Shirt

Winner: All The Things We Don’t Say

Winner: Wes Being Wes

Loser: Manners

Loser: The Implications of the Result.



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