The Challenge: All Stars 3 Episode 1 Recap — Winners & Losers

Loser: Twin Beds

Winner: Wes

Winner: Laterrian

Winner: Predictability

Winner: The Door Guy

Winner: The Aragon Ballroom When I Play a Show There Next Month

Winner: Being A Hot Guy

Loser: Me, Syrus, and 8% of All Men

Winner: John Locke and Jack Sheppard

Loser: Having to Pee In The Middle of Something Important

Winner: Alphabet Envy

Loser: Fragile Egos

Winner: Summer

Winner: Destiny’s Child

Loser: Sylvia

Winner: The Challenge

Winner: Kansas City

Loser: Jordan and Tyler

Winner: Photo Developers

Winner: Carabiners

Winner: MJ’s Star Tattoo

Winner: Hats

13) Derrick’s Hat

12) Syrus’s Hat

11) MJ’s Hat

10) Jonna’s Hat

9) Sylvia’s Hat

8) Field Producer’s Hat

7) Nehemiah’s Hat

6) Jordan’s Hat

5) Brad’s Tiny Hat

4) Yes’s Hat

3) Yes’s Other Hat

2) Yes’s Other Other Hat

1) Yes’s Other Other Other Hat



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