A Moment In Challenge History: Vol. 4 — Jay Responds To Tyson’s Tweet

Brian Batty
25 min readJan 20, 2023

Life is nothing if not an endless string of moments. Some moments change everything, such as quitting a job or falling in love. And sometimes they’re simply a minor annoyance, like stubbing a toe on your bed frame in the middle of the night. But certain moments gnaw at your memory until they’ve tattooed themselves on your brain and become a permanent fixture in your psyche.

For a Challenge fan, this is one of those moments…

It would be hasty of us to jump right in. To really understand everything surrounding this seemingly small moment, we need to ask some important questions, set the scene, and take a look at the characters involved.

Where Are We: Wherever it is that you check social media (your bed, the toilet, public transit, etc….)

When Are We: July 22nd, 2022, 11:20pm (Eastern Standard Time)

What Season: The Challenge: USA

Important Characters: Tyson from Survivor and Club Rat Jay

Supporting Characters: Knight, Jenna, Zach, and TJ Lavin

Brief Description: A few days after an early season episode of The Challenge: USA, Tyson, a former Survivor contestant, sent an inflammatory tweet boldly claiming his superiority over the “OG” Challengers. The ripple effects of this claim were felt along the entire spectrum of The Challenge Universe. Club Rat Jay, Jenna’s ex-boyfriend and infamous former lay-up contestant etched into Challenge lore for all the wrong reasons, decided to chime in.

There are some questions one might be asking themselves upon digesting that information. Who is this Tyson guy? What does somebody from Survivor have to do with The Challenge? Which one is Jay again? And how could a tweet possibly be important?

All fair questions. Let’s begin with question number two…

Sometime after the conclusion of Spies, Lies & Allies, a much maligned season causing many long time fans to question the direction of the franchise they hold so dear, the Challenge Gods sent a tablet down from Mt. Sinai to announce a brand new venture called the Global Challenge World Tournament (or whatever the hell it is now).

This announcement comes off the heels of a stale season that suffered from both the inevitability of the outcome and the veteran cast members enjoying the smell of each other’s farts just a little too much. Any potential story line was suffocated by the grip of these wile vets, a group that almost entirely just spent the prior season on Double Agents playing and winning together. As well as spending the entire off-season going on influencer vacations together. These deep bonds created the framework for a boring, flaccid, yet effective, Moneyball approach to the game.

No one paying attention really knew what to expect after this announcement. The questions piled up while the answers remained hidden. But a few months later, the breadcrumbs sprinkled along this trail towards international relevancy lead us to what is now known as The Challenge: USA

This was a season of The Challenge that had both Under Armor branded apparel and BMX legend TJ Lavin. There were daily challenges and there were eliminations and there were deliberations. There was even trivia!

Still, even with all the pieces in place, it never quite felt like The Challenge. It reminded me of when the football players at Illinois State would play pick-up basketball at the rec. They were all athletic enough. They could jump and run and perform all of the calisthenics associated with basketball better than essentially everyone on the court.

They just didn’t quite know how to hoop though, ya know? It was all elbows and bricked lay-ups off the back of the rim.

That’s sort of how it felt to watch The Challenge: USA. Elbows and missed lay-ups.

From the start, though, there was one guy who stood out above the rest. He was lanky, sort of goofy looking, charmingly arrogant, and from the first minute of screen time, a feeling made even greater by the passing of time, it was abundantly clear that he was the leader of the pack.

Tyson and his silly fashion sense asserted his competition dominance early, allowing him to gather all the strongest players to his side. This gave him, quite frankly, the strongest foundation and widest safety net we’ve maybe ever seen in this game. Paulie and Cara in War of the Worlds 2 or Paula and Emily in Rivals 2 come pretty close, but Tyson was Sleep Number bed comfortable almost immediately.

His weekly podcast after each episode was treated as gospel by the loyal Survivor fans who migrated with him. As well as any other Challenge fan looking for a crack in the concrete to fill in with complaints about production. His cocky attitude and clear disdain for this more unpolished game oozed like lava into our headphones each week, souring many on the show and turning some others off from him.

But, most importantly, whether you lust for the heads of production, or you got defensive over this stranger speaking poorly about your favorite show, he remained himself. He was Tyson through and through. Take it or leave it, he wasn’t faking anything. Which is part of why he made great TV. This is why his large fan base followed him like a sports team from Survivor to this weird Challenge thing. A show and a game that both the cast and the new fans, would soon find out they weren’t exactly ready for.

Which is why this particular tweet went off like a bomb in the Challenge community.

Before we get to the main event, the Moment in Challenge History, let’s do a deep dive and dissect this tweet a little further.

For context, let’s focus on the date for now. July 22nd, 2022 was two days after the third episode of The Challenge: USA had aired. Now, one thing to note is, Tyson was fully aware of how everything shook out at the end of the season when he sent this tweet. He’s well aware of the Challenge chicanery and rampant quitting that all of us at home were about to watch unfold in a week by week car crash for the next few months.

But for us viewers? Here’s where Tyson stood in the game when this tweet was sent…

— He’d won two out of three daily challenges. The first being a brain game with math and heights, and the second being a swimming/scrabble challenge that he managed to dust absolutely everyone in.

—He had almost double the money, money needed to get to the Final, as anyone else, outside of the two women he partnered with.

— The third challenge was won by Angela and Kyland, two strong competitors who just so happened to be working directly with Tyson. Leaving him not only safe, but allowed him to remain in the drivers seat.

So to recap, when he made his bombastic statement, he had dominated the game in essentially every single way one player possibly could. Physically. Politically. Socially. He overwhelmed the entire house. From that point on, all he had to do was show up, there was never a time he was in any danger.

Next, let’s speak quickly on the incendiary language used in the tweet. For starters, he put the OG in quotation marks. As if the idea of a Challenge OG is so far beneath him, those words are merely a silly moniker to be mocked.

Then he went with the word “crushed” and emphasized everything with the phrase “cake walk”.

This language denotes domination. As if presenting him with an opponent like Jordan or CT would barely phase him. Another opponent to conquer. Another race to win. With all hindsight, it’s actually a pretty wild thing to say. To show up at someone else’s house and start putting on their clothes. Cooking yourself a meal. Popping open their bottles of wine. Especially in a house as complex as The Challenge. Residing in that particular house are a family of bears even Goldilocks, the privileged bitch that she is, probably wouldn’t have messed with.

It’s safe to say, though, that he knew exactly what he was doing.

That’s the most important part of it all. He knew, the way the tweet was worded, the timing of it, how this was going to go. He knew it would rile up Challenge fans and all of us would have some sort of an opinion one way or another. He could probably already gauge that Challenge fans are some of the most passionate and possessive (maybe psychotic?) sectors of society.

CT? He’s ours. Paula? She’s ours too. Like them or not, if a stranger breaches the castle walls and makes us feel less than in any way, then off with their heads! This is our game, not yours. Subconsciously, or not, so many of us were watching this season under the impression that he should be so lucky that TJ Lavin even blew his air horn in his direction.

But in comparison to Challengers themselves, the pride inside of the fans at home doesn’t even belong in the same elimination round. In the same way we as fans take ownership of the people playing the game, Challenge people fully own the game itself. It’s theirs.

This pride and proprietorship are a small part of the reason there’s barely been any new winners (at least on the men’s side) in a long time. The CT’s, Johnny’s, Jordan’s, even the Cara Maria’s…you want to play their game, you gotta go through them. Even when they’re not around, the ghosts of Challenge deities linger in perpetuity.

Tyson knew that too. That’s the best part of it all. Even if he didn’t believe the words he was saying (and he definitely does), he’s a savvy enough operator to understand the consequences of his actions. The worm dangling on the line he cast into the waters of Challenge social media was dying for someone to take the bait.

Best case? It’s someone like Cara Maria. Or Josh. Or even Paulie. A natural Challenge lightning rod whose mere presence within the fracas would rapidly get the butter churning. Someone who would ditch the acoustic guitar, plug their Stratocaster into a thousand watt amp, turn it to eleven, and transform Twitter into a live Daft Punk concert at LCD Soundsystem’s house.

But no one could have expected what happened next.

You and I play could a game where the goal is to come up with name after name of which Challenger would take umbrage with this audacious claim. We could go back and forth, saying names until we were blue in the face, and it’s hard to imagine we would’ve ever gotten to the name that took the most umbrage of them all.

If you lined up all of the delusional Challenge contestants who have briefly nibbled from the reality television teet and gained a warped sense of self, you’d need a high-powered telescope to see from one end to the other. That line would Black Friday outside of a Best Buy in 2011 long. But somehow, through sheer force of repugnant will, Club Rat Jay is possibly leading that vanguard of vanity.

Let’s take a trip back in time. The year was 2014. I didn’t have a ton going for me. I was living at my parents house after college, totally directionless, Following the Cubs burgeoning farm system was about as close to an endorphin rush I could find in my life.

One winter evening, I was lounging on the black couch in my parents living room aimlessly scrolling Twitter. Probably bored. Likely stoned. Definitely not crushing it with the townie girls who were similarly as miserable. But, you know what? Thanks to the great folks over at MTV, all was well in the world! The new season of The Real World had just set sail! Nothing could truly get me down!

Yet, no one gets in their own way quite like MTV does. Piggybacking off a Portland season that, in retrospect, was a fantastic season of television, the all-important, musty, starched decision making suits high up at Castle MTV on top of MTV Tower decided for the first time ever to totally change the entire reason The Real World was cool.

The floundering ratings sparked the idea to add a twist to a show where having no twist at all was the whole point. A group of young people living and working in a city, a formula for success across decades, was no longer enough.

Enter The Real World: Ex-Plosion.

In the context of The Challenge, this is a Real World season that put up Hall of Fame numbers. It produced the New Hot Guy G.O.A.T., a two-time-champion-lightning-rod who remains as controversial today as she was on day one, the Barbie Beast, Thomas, an underrated and underappreciated contestant who fizzled out too early, and then there was Club Rat Jay.

Jay entered our lives as a goofy dude from the Bronx with a heartwarming story about being close to his sick mother. As quickly as that likeability arrived, it vanished just the same. It wasn’t too long before the real Club Rat Jay stood up.

Here he is describing his job…

So basically, his job, that he’s super proud of, is to be by far the most annoying dude at the club. That checks out.

Here he is lying…

How progressive.

Episode one of this fresh new season of The Real World flew by without Jay’s presence being felt in any memorable way. The opening act for this crazy cast was mostly swallowed by, believe it or not, Ashley’s antics and Cory’s Hot Guy energy.

Some things change, some things stay exactly the same.

Here he is, third wheeling in the back seat of a cab while Ashley grinds on Cory’s lap...

God dammit do I miss this show.

In an early scene during episode two, Arielle and Jamie are having a conversation when Jamie spouts out that Arielle had mentioned to her that she had a predilection for Asian women. This prompts Thomas to chime in and say that, despite no one asking, yes, he has hooked up with an Asian woman before. This is notable because, as he claims, he’s only been with three women in total. This unsurprisingly caused a stir of disbelief amongst his cadre of roommates.

Jay, your thoughts?


Later on that night, at the club, Jay calls over the manager to ask if he can get on the microphone and do his MC thing.

Just pretend you’re that club manager for a minute. Your life sucks. You’re going to get home around 6 a.m. You’re slowly contributing to a life-long alcohol problem by “just having a few drinks” at work. Every night. Mostly, your job is to juggle the egos of the staff, break up fights, and direct others to go clean up puke in the bathroom. You probably make a decent salary, and as far as excitement goes, it sure beats a desk job. But still, the deep unhappiness that is your existence is completely transparent for those that know you best, and totally hidden from everyone else. It’s a life full of fake friends guilting you into hooking them up at your spot while all you really want to do is run a business, satisfy the owners, and finally get around to designing that app idea you first had six years before.

Then, during a night of already heightened anxiety due to the cast of The Real World showing up, a show you didn’t even realize was still on, and all the adjacent crowd control issues that follow, one of these idiots starts bugging you about getting on the microphone.

You’re not even sure exactly what for. You tell him he can’t sing or rap or anything, but he’s adamant that’s not what he wants.

Reluctantly, you agree just to get him to leave you alone. That’s because in your earpiece, one of the junior managers is in informing you that one of your bottle service girls is in the back room crying because the creep in Booth 6 that you’ve had your eye on all night finally took things a step too far and put his had down her dress. And now she’s threatening to “sue this fucking place”.

So while you’re on your way to the back room to solve issue #708 of the night, you hear that Real World idiot do this…

Couple things…

You’re the manager again. You’ve just gotten that creep kicked out and arrested, Stacy has finally stopped crying, but she’s still adamant that this is going to be her last night. Except for, tomorrow, a bunch of the Golden State Warriors are coming in to celebrate Andre Iguodola’s birthday and considering that Stacy is by far your most reliable server, you can’t afford to be without her.

And then you hear this idiot do THAT on the microphone. Throwing cold water on the crowd, fascilitating a mass migration to somewhere way cooler. Oy vey.

Also, not only that, the crowd didn’t even make any noise! You know why? because there is nobody in the world who likes the scream-over-the-microphone guy while you’re at the club just tryna find somebody to grind on and feel alive for a little while.

Not get shouted at by this guy…

Outside of this one moment, his impact on this new season of The Real World so far has been minimal.

This all seems like superfluous information. Just me grabbing at low hanging fruit and being mean spirited towards nonsense that has nothing to do with Tyson or anything else relevant. But context is crucial when it comes to this guy and Twitter. Because this Moment In Challenge History isn’t the first time Club Rat Jay has had a memorable tweet.

It wasn’t until later on in the season when the exes showed up and Jay gave the world a step by step guide on how to be the worst possible boyfriend ever that Jay got his time to shine. And it was directly prior to this episode when Jay was sitting at home basking in his newfound fame, scrolling his menchies, when he decided to fire off this tweet…

“To my haters.

I was destined for greatness.”

Now I tried so freaking hard to find the original tweet, I really did. This joke would’ve been much more impactful if I could’ve located it. But either I’m an idiot (likely) or he’s got some kind of block (is that even a thing?) because I’m unable to scroll back to 2014 on his Twitter feed.

Which, ultimately, is fine. Because the reason I remember him sending that tweet isn’t due to what he said. No, this innocuous tweet is cemented in my memory because of how Knight responded.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

There is no better descriptor for this new addition to the Real World family than, “LAmE lol”

In his book Adventures in the Screen Trade, William Goldman famously wrote, “nobody knows anything”.

What he was referring to was the ethereal nature regarding which movies become major hits and which don’t. And within the context of The Challenge, this observation will always make me think of the two knuckleheads pictured above.

After the exes, like Jenna, arrived in their Real World house, the cast of Jay’s season ballooned to twelve. And out of those twelve, as far as ranking their future prospects on The Challenge, Jay would have been last if not for Jenna.

I’m not even kidding, the opinion that “Jay and Jenna will never migrate towards The Challenge” would have been absolute consensus. You probably couldn’t find one person who would have cast either of them.

And yet, just a few months later, there they were. Partners on the latest season of The Challenge, Exes 2.

No one has embodied the lay-up team quite like Jay and Jenna did that season. With savvy vets like Sarah, Wes, and Johnny running the show, in no way was their insurance policy going to get cashed in early. This plan was buoyed by the fact that Jay and Jenna never once came in last place. Clearing a path towards safety each and every day.

To be fair to them, they were never that bad. In the future, Jenna would go on to prove her mettle as much more than a lay-up. So being pegged as one was a matter of aesthetics more than anything else. They were relentless average at everything they attempted, but most importantly they never embarrassed themselves. They even managed to trip and fall and smash into a victory during the trivia daily.

All in all, they actually played a great game, intentionally or not.

They polidicked, they competed, they snagged a clutch victory at the exact right time. The problems only arose towards the end when Jay simply couldn’t handle being called a lay-up any longer. Jenna remained off on another planet hooking up with a guy who was the exact opposite of her scummy ex/current partner.

Whether it was their decision or not, the two of them rode this wave, a wave that had ripple effects across this show for years (Sarah planting the seed that would sprout into Johnny taking her money and running, Jordan getting his first championship, the introduction of a redemption house) all the way to the Final Challenge. A complete 180 from their season of The Real World, by the end Jay and Jenna were a fairly likable underdog team butting heads with a strong group of beloved veterans all going for their first championship title.

No one had any expectation for them beyond coming in third place. They were playing with house money. They had nothing to lose.

Well, at least one of them didn’t…

If you squint hard enough, you could observe that he way this Final began was a direct reflection of Jay and Jenna’s season to this point. They opened with a long swim and long kayak, which they were again aggressively average at. Luckily for them Leroy’s swimming technique was more akin to a floating aluminum can than a doggy paddle. Jordan and Sarah jetted off to about a three thousand mile lead. And then as soon as the water sports ended and the running began, Leroy and Theresa flew past them and made up the time they wasted in the water almost immediately.

That’s when things started to turn.

To put it delicately, Jenna didn’t have a ton of interest in running. And who can blame her? Running blows. Jay? Well, Jay wasn’t psyched, and he pleaded with her to keep things moving so they can at least get third place.

Eventually they reached the first checkpoint, solved the puzzle, before reluctantly crawling forward. Not before Jenna threatened to quit a few times along the way. But as they had all season long to this point, somehow, they persisted.

Which is absolutely spectacular for us, because what happens next will be remembered by Challenge fans forever.

Look, let’s start here. I have no idea what was in those glasses. I mean just look at them. The liquid has layers. Which is never something you want.

As a quirky aspect to a big bodied, leathery syrah from the Walla Walla Valley, sediment in it’s own way is almost romantic. But when it’s the color of your dehydrated pee after finally breaking the seal at a house party, let’s face it, that’s not what you want.

And not to be pedantic or anything, but I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that it also kinda looks like the Pale Ale that Stifler drank in American Pie.

So, in a way, I don’t necessarily blame Jay for the sins he’s about to commit.

The task at hand was simple, chug a glass of the ooze from Ninja Turtles 2, try and flip the coaster onto the rim of the empty glass, and if successful, move on with your day. What’s so hard about that? Just down the drink, throw up if you have to, and keep it moving. This is a lot of money we’re talking about.

But as the saying goes; some can, and some can’t.

Jay? Your thoughts?

Here’s the deal, and God love her, but there is no way in bloody hell, ZERO chance, that Jenna was ever going to drink any more of those servings of sheep mucus than Jay was.

Karma is a word that gets tossed around a lot by unoriginal Challenge people. Particularly by those that play a more social game. But I truly believe that this entire checkpoint was a karmic cleansing of Jay’s time on reality television to that point.

He spent their time together on The Real World humiliating Jenna. Going out to clubs and living the faux-rockstar life of a Real World dude. While she mostly sat at home, kept to herself, ate chicken nuggets, and expressed emotion through tears every three days ago. So the idea of the two of them coming to a nexus point in their reality television lives, a journey they began together, both needing each other equally as much, and Jay having to be the one humiliated on the grandest stage of them all, for something she would never have done herself in a million years, is all of those karmic checks Jay’s been writing getting cashed all at once.

There’s a flip side to that coin. Jay kinda took this one on the chin. And he really did get dealt a shitty hand. As far as the game goes, if he was going to get carried all the way to end, then what’s he supposed to do about it? Ask nicely if he can go prove himself in elimination? Throw a daily? He got labeled the lay-up before he got a chance to prove otherwise.

And then there’s the day-to-day variables…

He had to spend almost the entire season watching Jenna canoodle with Zach. Who at the time, let’s just face facts, is just about worst case scenario for your ex to start dating.

Show me a man self-assured enough to not feel some type of way when that chiseled from marble Adonis starts mackin’ on your ex, and I’ll show you a liar.

And while they were competing, it’s not like he was ever got agro towards Jenna during daily challenges and began blaming her for things. They actually worked pretty well together. If we’re talking strictly what happened in The Challenge house, and erase his behavior their entire lives up to that point, Jay unequivocally got the short end of the stick on this one.

Back to reality…uh oh…wait a minute…is that TJ Lavin’s music?!??!

TJ, your thoughts on the situation?

That’s right kids. Before he became the Woke TJ you know him as today, my mans used to go in on cats. And the truth is the answer was yes, Jay was crying.

Toxic masculinity is a hell of a drug, and if there is one thing you do not want to do is allow yourself a moment of vulnerability surrounded by the vultures both on the cast and watching at home.

Jenna went on to have one of the most surprising Challenge careers maybe of all time. She’s now married to Zach and they have two children, and it’s possible her time in this game is done for good. Something that she chose. The circle of life for almost all Challenge people at a certain point.

On the other hand, Jay was never seen again. He had no choice. He was banished to the land of former MTV reality people who never realized the rug of fame was being pulled out from underneath them until it was much too late.

There’s not a ton of things the Challenge Gods despise more than one of these assholes wasting their mothafuckin time.

So, for all we knew at the time, that was that last we’d ever see of Club Rat Jay. If you for some weird reason followed him on social media, then sure, maybe you knew where in the world he was. But if you’re a normal person with no interest in such a thing, he only exists as the guy who spent all season getting cucked by the worst possible dude to be cucked by, before quitting in the worst way possible and at the worst time possible.

The moment he walked off the screen, outside of a forgettable showing at the reunion…poof! He was gone. He vanished into thin air. A punchline to an unoriginal Challenge joke. We never heard from him, nor saw him ever again. His name is adn after thought. A single syllable denoting the tenth letter of the alphabet who exists as less of a person and more of a walking symbol of the words “she dated him?”

This was Club Rat Jay’s final moment in the sun.

Or so we thought.

Attempting to juxtapose the Jay and Tyson as both human beings and, more importantly, Challenge competitors, is sort of like downing a glass of orange juice after brushing your teeth. Every possible aspect of who they are as people are different. Looks. Attitude. Ability. I truly don’t think you could find one human attribute that would match. They’re almost like two totally different species.

All except for one thing.

They both quit the Final Challenge.

The facts are the facts. They’re both quitters. At least on The Challenge. On paper, there is no difference between their performance during their time in this game. Tyson couldn’t complete a sudoku puzzle standing in a rain storm on the side of a mountain without gloves. And Jay couldn’t find it within himself to gulp down a glass or two of sewage runoff from Shrek’s house.

And sure, maybe Tyson was set up for failure by a shoddily set-up Final challenge. And yeah, Jenna wasn’t going to drink that shit either, so Jay just really just ended up as the fall-guy more than anything else. But details schmeetails, amirite?

Look, we can parse semantics all we want, but in Challenge lore, Club Rat Tyson and Club Rat Jay are forever linked by this one fun fact. Their list of opposites reach so far along the horizon that they are forces to come all the way back around until the circle is complete and they become one in the same. Harry and Voldemort. Trampolines and scrambled eggs. Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson. Fish and chips. Old Nany and Mature Nany.

Neither can live while the other survives.

Let’s bring this thing home.

The bodacious grenade Tyson lobbed into Challenge Twitter landed at 4:46 p.m. That’s Central Time, so in Arizona where he lives, this is actually 2:46 on a summer Friday afternoon. Maybe he had a good lunch that day. Got a solid work-out in. Scored a victory during his afternoon pickle ball match. Maybe he got the weekend started early and hit up Happy Hour. Fast forward a few Mai Tai’s later, and he’s feeling frisky.

Either way, my mans was feelin’ that Friday feelin’, and the Twitter fingers were ready to go.

Then deep in the recesses of the Challenge universe, all the way across the country, a disturbance was felt in the force.

Somewhere in New York, Club Rat Jay was scrolling Twitter at almost midnight on a summer Friday, when he came across some guy named Tyson talking big about how he could take on the Challenge OG’s. Not only take them on, but dominate them. And why wouldn’t Jay take offense to this?

As we demonstrated, he is a former Challenge Finalist after all. He knows what it takes.

What came next was unexpected to say the least. Let’s go back to that game we were playing earlier. How many names would we have to volley back and forth before we named Club Rat Jay if we were attempting to list who all would take offense to Tyson’s inflammatory tweet? If you didn’t have to remind them, how many Challenge fans would even name Jay if they were listing off names for no reason?

In so many ways, we will never get that chance to find out, because at 11:20 Eastern Standard Time, Jay grabbed hold of the narrative, and took matters into his own hands.

I now present to you, A Moment in Challenge History.

Jay is now a firefighter in New York. Which is great because he’s doing good for the world and an overall positive for society. But also sad, because that means his dream of being the most annoying guy at the club is likely dead and gone like your dreams of being an astronaut as a kid.

Tyson’s still being Tyson, doing whatever it is he does. And if I had to guess, overall he probably regrets ever dipping his toes into these waters. And likely forgot he even sent out his original tweet by that next Monday.

Who knows, maybe one day Club Rat Jay will get that chance to return. To make things right with the Challenge Gods. To make things right with TJ. And most importantly, make things right with the fans who I’m sure have not let him live a day without reminding him of his final moments on The Challenge.

Everybody loves a good redemption story, right? And, as they say…

Nobody knows anything.

Thanks for reading! If you missed them, here’s Moment in Challenge History Volume 1 (CT vs. Theresa in strip basketball), here’s Volume 2 (Jenna v. her cousin Brianna), and here’s Volume 3 (The Duel 2 Haka Intro). See you back here soon, and as always, Happy Challenge Watching!!!



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