A Moment In Challenge History: Vol. 2


There’s a couple points important points to parse out before we begin.

  1. There is one personality trait that connects every single cast member to ever appear on an episode of The Challenge with the exception cast members on only one season. Battle of the Bloodlines.
  2. Only two seasons in the modern era of this show have been truly different. The Island and Battle of the Bloodlines.


It is shocking that Jenna had even gotten this far.


Brianna was a civilian who worked at her Dad’s bakery who happened to have a semi-reality-TV-famous cousin.

The Ashley Mitchell Award

  • For making the most of your screen time.

The Johnny Bananas Ladle Award

  • For stirring the pot.

What Else Was On That Night

Not every episode of the Challenge can possibly be watched, not even by the most meticulous fans of the show. DVR is all of our best friends. There are dozens of reasons one can have to not be plopped in front of a TV. But even if you were, you still may have missed this episode while it originally aired, because you’re an important person and life happens. Here’s what you might have been watching instead…

The Derrick’s Hat Award

  • For regrettable fashion statement

What To Look For

  • When Nany is the voice of reason, you know you have a situation on your hands.
  • It’s heart-warming to see that even with these tensions bubbling beneath the surface, based on their outfits Jenna and Brianna clearly sat and got ready together mere hours before all of this.
  • This Moment in Challenge History can be explained with three letters. T.M.I. These two dig deep into some family stuff that’s not really that fun to joke about, so I won’t. But once you get past that, this has gotta be the funniest argument in the history of the show. Full stop. End of story. Send all your hate mail. The head-scratching one liners are both endless and relentless, and I won’t even attempt to break them all down. Just sit back and enjoy.



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Brian Batty

Brian Batty

Writing about MTV’s The Challenge, one of America’s great institutions, from a fan’s perspective. For inquires: brianbatty14@gmail.com